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Stormcover Terms

Stormcovers have been manufactured in Australia for over 10 years now and there are thousands of Stormcovers being used throughout Australia. Stormcovers provide the best level of Weather Protection including protection from impact such as Hail as well as having excellent UV resistant properties. However along with a multitude of positive points to Stormcovers there are some negative aspects to we want all of our customers to consider all Stormcover facts before purchasing the cover as we want all of our customers to be happy after purchase.

Stormcovers are primarily designed to protect against hail. Stormcovers will sit loose on your van so there are air pockets that helps protect against hail damage.

Fabric components are of a rigid tough nature to withstand harsh UV and give impact protection.

1 : Stormcovers have plastic coated inner foam layer that can easily scratch or rip when dragged over sharp edges. The foam layer gives impact protection but also prevents sharp edges from compromising the integrity of the outer layer so inner foam layer has to be maintained so outer layer can reach full life expectancy. The inner foam layer can easily be repaired or re- enforced using packaging tape or extra foam patches can be welded on using hot air gun. Full instructions available on our website on how to do this.

2 : Static charge can build up between RV and foam layer on cover. The static charge attracts micro particles floating in the air and these can be deposited onto the RV body when cover touches in windy conditions. This appears as a faint dirty mark that can be easily wiped off using cleaning product we can supply. Perspex windows need to be protected and can be treated with Perspex polish before cover installation to help reduce the static charge build up between the cover and your RV.

3 : The inner foam layer is non-abrasive but because of the rigid structure of Stormcover components it is possible that the cover could rub on RV sides when windy conditions persist. This could be a problem if RV is old and already has UV damage to powder or Gel coating. If you polish your RV to achieve shiny affect you may find that the Stormcover could make the glossy sheen loose some its lustre, please consider this before choosing a Stormcover.

4  : Stormcovers have 3 waterproof sections that zip together. The zips are not waterproof and rain will penetrate the zip when downpour is heavy, but water will run down the sides of the cover and wont pool on the roof as we make the roof panel 10-20 cm wider than RV so zips sit off the roof edge.

The Side panel is shaped similar to the RV shape but without resorting to joins in the foam the side section is made with the foam at its maximum width.  The width of the foam varies from roll to roll and is between 2100mm and 2140mm which is the maximum side height without an extra added skirt / flap adjoining the bottom of the cover.   If additional height is required beyond the maximum width of the foam then the side skirt / flap that is joined is not padded with the foam.

If you have a jack Ariel or something that is mounted flush on the side of your RV roof that sticks up more than 50cm you should consider getting an extra skirt / mud flap to ensure all RV body is covered.  Aircon units or other protrusions mounted on middle of roof is not a problem as extra width in roof section will accommodate standard centre positioned roof fittings.

5 : Stormcovers were designed for long term storage and outer layer can stand up to harsh UV for many years. The more you handle the cover (take on and off ) The more chance of wear and tear. Outer layer will bake in the sun over time and become more rigid. Aerospace Protectant provides extra UU protection to the outer layer cover. If the outer layer chas become damaged care should be taken to not roll or fold the cover too tightly as tight folds can create tiny cracks in outer layer. We do have specialist tape that can fix outer layer but it is silver in colour only.  After some amount of years a Stormcover will lose being to lose its water repellency, particularly if when the cover is removed it is roughly folded, on the creased seams when folded the lamination can start to lift. Rolling the cover up is the best storage method for when not in use.

Pattern Making and Measurements :  If you place an order a Stormcover order you are entering into a contract whereby you appoint Stormcovers Australia Pty Ltd to manufacture a cover specifically for you in the standard design that we usually use. We will not be held responsible for Stormcovers that do not fit due to incorrect measurements being provided and any alterations will be charged on a time and cost basis at our discretion.   We endeavour to cross check all mesurements that are provided to us but it is important that you provide the actual measurements and not to addanything onto the length, this will cause the patterns to become distorted and the cover to be made incorrectly.

We will adjust sizing and pattern shaping where appropriate. Stormcovers do not fit like a glove they are designed to be a bit larger than than RV being covered.  Patterns are cut by hand are not CAD software or machine cut therefore some discrepancies can occur with the shaping on each side.

Cover / Material Size :  Stormcovers are made with a roof width up to 250cm, we have to join the foam on the inside to make the 2500mm width as the foam cannot be manufactured to the 2500mm width.

The sides of Stormcovers are made to a varying height up to 2140mm * (see note 4 above), in some instances full vans may find that the side step or the lower edge of the caravan is exposed once the Stormcover is installed. Motorhomes are a higher price and have a longer drop on the sides, this is included in the quotation for motorhomes.


Stormcovers can be made up to 200mm longer than the actual RV being covered and do not fit skin tight like a glove. We are not able to make the roof any wider than 2500mm.

Perspex / Polycarbonate Windows : Perspex , plexiglass windows are very sensitive to anything touching it i.e. covers.  The nature of the plastic makes it very susceptible to static build up which in turn attracts micro particles, dirt and dust from the environment.  Static build, dirt and dust issues can be a result of varying factors such as the environmental location, the outside air conditions (high traffic / exhaust dirt) and the weather, dry weather causes more static in the environment.

Perspex and Acrylic windows are found on RV’s, vehicle headlights, motorbike windscreens and care should be taken.   When using a cover for any item, your RV, Boat, Car, Float etc. you should always ensure that you provide adequate protection for your windows.

Stormcovers Australia are not liable for claims for any damage to windows and it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure windows are adequately protected.

  • Note we have seen vans that have never had any cover on them and have damaged / scratched windows just from the environment and normal use.


Polish and After Market Treatments :  If your RV is heavily polished or has had after-market treatments then the film side of the cover touching the van may cause the polish/ treatment to lose some of its sheen, the RV is not damaged but the cover with the polish together can cause the polish to take on a cloudy appearance. Please note that the dulling marks we have seen are actually very hard to notice, in fact we had to look at motorhome very closely when the sunlight was hitting the polish at a certain angle but if you are very particular about a specific amount of sheen from polish applications then you may not be happy with this possible slight dulling.

Webbing Edges :  Each panel of the Stormcover is waterproof (see note 4 above ) but the webbing we use in not waterproof and therefore in wet conditions the webbing can soak up water which can seep through the cover.  We recommenced the use of our High Tech Fabric guard to prevent mould forming on the webbing, our High Tech fabric guard also provides a good level of waterproofing to the webbing but must be regularly applied.

Static Dirt / Dust : The static between the cover and the RV can cuse microscopic dirt and dust particles to beomce trapped between the cover and RV if this happens on your RV please wipe clean with Bring it On Cleaner.


Warranty inclusions and exclusions :  Stormcovers are supplied with a 4 year limited warranty, workmanship is guaranteed and should any fault be noticed in the first 12 months of owning a Stormcover all costs to repair and for freight will be paid by Stormcovers Australia. This does not cover wear and tear or damaged cause by improper use. Up to 36 months after manufacturing faulty covers will be repaired without labour charges or materials costs but all freight costs are payable by the cover owner and not by Stormcovers Australia to and from our business premises.  A Stormcover may show signs of wear after extreme weather events.


Our guarantee to you is that we will continue to use high quality manufacturing components during the manufacturing process of Stormcovers.  Stormcovers are not guaranteed to stay looking in new condition throughout their life span they will show sign of aging and weathering over time.  We reserve the right to change the design or pattern making process as we are constantly upgrading and looking for ways to improve our covers design.


The inner foam lining is a sensitive part of the cover and care must be taken with cover installation, tearing and scratches can occur, we have a film lining on the foam to help alleviate this we do not guarantee the foam against tears and scratches. Stormcovers for RV's are available in Beige only for all types of RV that are over 200cm wide. You are responsible for taking care of the foam inner lining, tears and damage to the foam are not covered by warranty. Stormcovers should always be installed onto vehicles that are clean and dirt free. Installation onto a dirty RV could cause dirt and dust build up inside the cover, we recommend cleaning the RV before prolonged cover usage. The zipper is guaranteed for 12 months it is important that you zip on the cover carefully as this is an important part of the cover design, we only manufacture.  Stormcovers using high quality YKK zippers and have never had a YKK zipper failure during the past 8 years.  We do not offer a guarantee against hail or impact damage and suggest you take all further reasonable precautions during storm events to protect your RV.


You may notice after some years that some of the UV lamination lifts from the Stormcover this is a normal part of its aging process. Stormcovers should only be cleaned gently with a soft cloth without using any harsh chemicals, do not use a pressure washer which could damage the UV lamination on the Stormcover and significantly reduce its lifespan. You should be careful around fires and flames with a Stormcover, the components used to manufacture Stormcovers are flammable.  If your cover becomes damaged over its lifespan we recommend that you contact us prior to attempting to make any repairs or alterations as you may find that you damage the cover even further, we are experienced in all areas of repair and maintenance.

You can potentially increase the longevity of the outer layer of the Stormcover by using 303 Aerospace protectant on the cover.

Stormcovers are designed as an Impact / Hail protection cover, if the UV is your primary concern then you can use our SunCover or Ultimate Cover range.