Seat Covers for Holden Cruze Sedans custom fit in Luxury Fitted Materials tailored for the Cruze

Holden Cruze Sedan Seat Covers

Holden Cruze Sedan Seat Covers


Buy Seat Covers online for your Holden Cruze Sedan range of Fabrics available for the Holden Cruze in ready made packs that are custom fit for the Cruze, so they provide a great fit and a great overall look for your vehicle interior


Listed below are models we have ready made packs of Seat Covers available for in Custom Fit, if you cannot find you vehicle listed we do customer made to order in a wide range of fabric choices

If you are looking for a different type of Fabric please View Our Custom Made Seat Cover Fabrics

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  1. Holden Cruze Seat Covers - Jacquard Fabric

    Holden Cruze Seat Covers - Jacquard Fabric

    Seat Covers Holden Cruze - JG and JH Series - Sedan - Hatch - Wagon
    From Date : 2009 | End Date : Current
    Optionally Choose the Front Bucket Seats or Back Row Seat Covers
    • Vehicle Manufacturer : Holden
    • Model :Cruze
    • Body : Sedan - Hatch and Wagon
    • Series : JG and JH
    • Badge : CD and SRI - see full description for exact models
    • Colours : Black
    • Fabric : Weekend Jacquard
    • Superior Quality Rear Backing Fabric
    • Base of seats secure with Velcro and Fabric ties. Back Rests of seats secure with ties
    • Colour : Black
    • Designed for front Seats with Integrated Side Airbags
    • Includes Waterproof Membrane to stop seats getting wet
    • Front and Rear Rows available choose the rows you wish to cover
    • 2 Years Warranty

    From $219.00

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  2. Car Seat Covers Holden Cruze Sedan/Hatchback

    Holden Cruze Sedan/Hatch | Car Seat Covers

    HoldenĀ® Cruze Sedan / Hatch | Car Seat Covers
    From Date : 06/2009 | End Date : 12/2014
    • Vehicle Manufacturer : Holden
    • Model : Cruze
    • Series : JG / JH - (CD / CDX / Sri / Sri-v / Equip)
    • Year : 06/2009 - 12/2014
    • Body : Sedan / Hatch
    • Tailored Fit Seat Covers
    • Fabric : Esteem
    • Colour : Black
    • Premium Quality Dual Layered Velour
    • Designed for Models with or without Side Airbags
    • Front and Rear Rows Covered with pack
    • 1 Year Warranty

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Cant find your Vehicle Listed ?

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Custom Made Seat Covers for thousands of vehicles in a wide range of Fabrics to suit all vehicle interiors

If you cannot find your vehicle listed or would like to see pricing in some different fabrics please view our made to order Fabric, Canvas and Sheepskin Seat Covers available.

As a price guide most Custom made to order seat covers are $189 for one row of seats (front, middle or rear) for fabrics, from $239 for canvases and from $459 for sheepskin.

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