Seat Covers for Ford Territory SX (TX) Wagon | 05/2004 - 04/2009 5 Seater

Ford ® Territory Seat Covers

  Territory SZ Seat Covers


The Seat Covers offered by Coverworld for Ford® Territory Wagon are aftermarket seat covers and not OEM Branded


The SX 5 Seater Wagon model is released with two types of rear seats, please check this below. If you are selecting the ready made pack you must have the seat covers style as shown on the diagram with the centre armrest, if you do not have this back seat in your Territoy SX then you need to choose made to order with optional universal fit front seat covers


For this vehicle we currently offer a Tailored Fit Ready Made Seat Cover Pack, this is available in Esteem and Black Label Fabrics, the price of the Ready Made Packs is much lower than choosing made to order in the other material seat cover choices

All of the seats covers listed are made to order for your Ford Territory, unless you select Universal Fit for the Front Bucket Seats


sx 5 seater territory seat covers

To lower the cost of seat covers in your Ford Territory you can optionally choose to have Universal Fit Seat Covers for the Front Bucket Seats and Custom Made for the Other Rows of seats Click here to select Universal Fit for the Front Bucket Seats


Ford Territory SY (TX-TS / SR / SR II) Wagon | 01/2008 to 03/2009 Wagon with Rear fold down armrest (5 Seater)
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    Ford Territory SX / SY | Wagon Seat Covers
    From Date : 05/2004 | End Date : 01/2014
    Only Suitable for the 5 Seater Model
    • Manufacturer : Ford
    • Model : Territory
    • Series : SX / SY (TX-TS / SR / SR II)
    • Body : Wagon (5 Seater Model Only)
    • Fit : Tailored Fit Seat Covers
    • Fabric : Black Label
    • Colour : Black
    • Designed for Models with or without Side Airbags
    • Front and Rear Rows covered with this pack
    • 1 Year Warranty

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