Ford Courier PE | Canvas Seat Covers | 04/1999 to 12/2002

Ford Courier PE Driver Bucket Black Duck Canvas Seat Covers | 04/1999 to 12/2002

Ford Courier PE Driver Bucket Black Duck Canvas Seat Covers | 04/1999 to 12/2002

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Brand No
* Strong and Durable Polyester / Cotton Blend Canvas
* Neutral Grey or Brown Colours (Standard) | Other Colours Available as Special Order
* Waterproof
* Custom Fit
* Long Wearing Heavy Duty Canvas
Material Black Duck Canvas
Shipping Made to Order allow up to 7 working days for manufacturing

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Ford Courier PD Utes Canvas Seat Covers |

Ford Courier PE | Ute Seat Covers
From Date : 04/1999 | End Date : 12/2002
Product Detail : Driver Bucket (with map pockets)

  • Manufacturer : Ford
  • Model : Courier
  • Body : Ute
  • Series : PE Series
  • Seat Type : Driver Bucket (with map pockets)
  • Colour " Grey or Brown (optional 9 colours)
  • Tailored Fit Seat Covers
  • Fabric : Black Duck Canvas
  • Not Airbag Compatible
  • Strong and Durable Seat Covers proven effective in Rural, Construction, Mining and Exploration Industries

Black Duck Seat Covers are super strong and durable, designed for the most heavy duty work. This is the toughest Canvas available, designed to outperform all other canvases, you will not be dissapointed with the quality and durability of Black Duck Canvas

Black Duck Canvas Seat Covers are customer made to order.

Standard Colour is Grey or Brown, optional colour choices cost an extra $59.00 and may extend the lead time.

BlackDuck™  Seat Covers at a Glance

  • Custom Patterned for the Specific Vehicle Seat
  • Super Strong, Tough and Durable
  • Look Great and Comfortable, unlike leather and vinyl
  • Exceptionally Hard Wearing
  • Easy to Install and Remove

BlackDuck™ Seat Covers are more expensive than other Canvas Seat covers, Why?

BlackDuck seat covers are exceptionally hard wearing they are strong enough to provide years of protecting and preserving the vehicle seats.  For many years mining companies and farmers have used canvas seat covers to protect their vehicles from grease, grime and general wear and damage.  Keeping your vehicle seat covers so well protected can be a great advantage to your resale value which outweighs the initial cost of the seat cover purchase.

Whats makes BlackDuck™ Canvas so good?

Canvas products were originally made using a cotton weave but these days a better quality more durable canvas can be produced with a Polyester / Cotton blend.  Adding Polyester to the blend makes the Canvas stronger making them last much longer than just a cotton canvas alone.

Within the strength is great wear resistance including being water and rot proofed which makes it the ideal and practical solution for protecting against oil, diesel, grease and all round grime and dirt including red dust.

Is BlackDuck™ Canvas Australian Made?

Yes, BlackDuck™ canvas is a unique blend of Canvas designed exclusively for BlackDuck Seat Covers and is renowned for it toughness.

What is the BlackDuck™ Guarantee

BlackDuck™ Canvas Seat Covers are manufactured to such a high standard that they are guaranteed to perform to your requirements.  If you are not entirely happy with your purchase you have 30 days to inspect the covers and send them back for a no questions asked money back refund if you are not happy with them. 

What is the Fit like on BlackDuck Seat Covers?

Each piece is meticulously shaped and made to be an exact fit for your vehicle seats with over 15 years’ experience in the field, giving you a quality, time proven product.

I can’t see my vehicle listed are you able to make BlackDuck™ seat covers for my vehicle?

If you cannot find your vehicle listed please send us an enquiry or contact us we add new patterns regularly and our website may not be 100% up to date every day.

Do you have a question that we have not answered ? Please detail your question below and we will come back to you soon.

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Fitting Instructions for Black DuckTMcanvas seat covers

Fitting Instructions:

  • Firstly remove each component from packaging
  • Check you have all the covers for seat, back, headrest & arm rest if applicable
  • In order to identify the seat covers each piece has the product code on the inside and a “D” for drivers seat or a ‘P’ for passenger seat
  • Put all drivers pieces aside
  • You should be left with all passenger pieces

Fitting Back:

  • Firstly remove headrest if necessary
  • Slide cover over top of seat back and down
  • Replace headrest before sliding cover all the way down
  • Cover should be a good tight fit
  • Take front bottom flap and push through seat to rear
  • Pull tight and attach to Velcro inside rear of cover

Fitting Base:

  • Slide seat base onto seat ensuring it is clear of all levers or buttons
  • Push rear flap through seat to back
  • Pull both side flaps tight around seat base, ensuring clear of levers etc.
  • Attach to centre flap with the attached Velcro
  • If included, pull straps through under seat clearing all tracks and fittings. Pull tight and fasten to opposite side - Test movement of seat to ensure nothing is obstructed
  • As you use you vehicle, Black Duck™ Seatcovers will mould to the shape of your seats
  • You may find you need to re-tension the Velcro fasteners occasionally
  • Then proceed to fit Driver’s cover and rear seats if applicable


Black DuckTM Canvas Seat covers must not be fitted to sets containing side impact airbag components. Only those Black Duck seat covers that are clearly labelled as being air bag compatible should be fitted to those vehicles with seat mounted air bags. Black DuckTMCanvas Products accepts no responsibility or liability if this warning is not adhered to.

Care instructions for Black DuckTMcanvas seat covers

Care Instructions:

Your Black Duck™Canvas Seatcovers will stop anything from penetrating through to your vehicle seat. All dirt will be on the outside only.

  • Vacuum to remove all dust & lose dirt
  • Remove from seats
  • Use cold running water and a soft bristle brush
  • Run the dirt off the seat covers to avoid contaminating the clean side of the seat cover
  • Your seat cover may fade slightly after cleaning

Proofed polyester/cotton:

  • Do not dry-clean or machine wash
  • Warm hand wash only
  • May fade slightly after washing due to proofing process
  • May need reproofing to ensure water proof quality of the fabric.
  • Never use harsh chemicals on your Seat Covers

If you have side impacted airbags in your seats Black DuckTM Canvas Seat covers must only be fitted if they are clearly labelled as being air bag compatible should be fitted to those vehicles with seat mounted air bags. Black DuckTMCanvas Products accepts no responsibility or liability if this warning is not adhered to.  If you side airbags are ever deployed do not reuse them.

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