Tearmender Instant Fabric Glue | Tearmender Instant Leather Adhesive

Original Tearmender Instant Fabric & Leather Glue

super strength instant hold fabric and leather glue

Be amazed by Tearmender, repair your clothes, use for craft projects, no need to wait for long drying times, super quick drying, machine washable in just minutes

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Tearmender is an Amazing and Instant Fabric and Leather Glue, once you buy a bottle of Tearmender you will find so many uses for it you will wonder how you ever lived without Tearmender in your home.

Listed below are are our Current 101's uses list for Tearmender


1 Reinforce loose button threads
2 Secure sweater snags
3 Repair knit garment damages
4 Restore shoelace tips
5 Repair pant rips
6 Reinforce knees for kid’s pants
7 Repair belt loops
8 Repair ripped pant pockets
9 Secure rips/frays in distressed denim
10 Repair frayed pant cuffs
11 Hem pants
12 Girl/Boy Scout patches
13 Hem denim with original bottoms
14 Close off pin holes
15 Repair work uniforms
16 Embellish garments
17 Repair work gloves
18 Repair loose tie labels
19 Close holes in pocket liners
20 Close sock holes
21 Stop hose runs
22 Shorten jacket sleeves
23 Shorten denim jackets
24 Repair fabric belts
25 Repair headbands
26 Embellish headbands or hair ties
27 Rebound purse straps
28 Hem leather pants
29 Repair snags in leather apparel
30 Shorten leather jackets
31 Shorten leather sleeves
32 Patch serious damage
33 Repair snags on leather footwear
34 Repair snags in leather handbags
35 Repair leather gloves
36 Repair seams in leather apparel
37 Repair seams in leather accessories
38 Re-set zippers
39 Repair scratches on leather footwear
40 Repair leather belts
41 Repair leather briefcases
42 Secure rug edges
43 Custom fit slip covers
44 Repair fabric & leather upholstery
45 Repair bed bedding & skirts
46 Reset quilts
47 Hem drapes
48 No-sew drapes
49 No-sew throw pillows
50 Repair pillow seams
51 Touch up wall paper
52 Stop runs in Berber carpet
53 Hang posters on walls with no residue/damage

54 Emergency sewing kit for travel
55 Repair Suitcases & travel bags
Mount & easily remove paper decorations on:
56 Windows
57 Mirrors
58 Walls
59 Wood Trim
60 Refrigerators – even stainless steel
61 Mount tags & trim to wrapped packages
62 No-sew costumes
63 Resize old costumes
64 No-sew holiday stockings
65 No-sew tables runners
66 Holiday cards (paper & photos)
67 Repair boat covers
68 Repair Bimini tops
69 Repair awnings
70 Repair patio umbrellas
71 Repair equipment bags
72 Repair boots
73 Repair skates
74 Repair sporting gloves
75 Repair fishing wader leaks
76 Create/ repair fly-fishing lures
77 Repair gardening gloves
78 Repair sleeping bags
79 Repair tents
80 Repair car covers
81 Repair barbecue covers
82 Repair patio furniture
83 Repair leather car seats
84 Repair boating upholstery
85 Attach team emblems
86 Repair hockey skate laces
87 Repair frayed sneaker laces
88 Repair baseball caps
89 Repair fishing hats
90 Repair volleyball knee pads
91 Repair sport uniforms
92 Scrapbook creations (paper & photos)
93 Stage facades
94 Stage costumes
95 Stage props
96 Decorate flower pots
97 Stuffed animals
98 Decorate glass with glitter
99 Napkins rings
100 Decorate car with streamers & posters
101 Embellish backpacks