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Pop Top Caravan Cover Adco 12ft - 14ft Overall Length

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Adco Caravan Covers area great value cover, this cover is designed for a full size van with size range between 12ft to 14ft / 367cm to 428cm overall length, please check your vans measured length prior to ordering

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Adco Pop Top Caravan Cover - 12ft - 14ft / 367cm - 428cm

Adco Pop Top Caravan Cover - 12ft - 14ft / 367cm - 428cm

Additional Information

Brand Adco
* This Caravan cover material is designed for full sun exposure, high moisture conditions and long term storage
* This Caravan cover has reinforced on the top and the bottom of all four corners to help protect against sharp objects
* Cover has zippers that allow for entry into the van when covered, the entry door flaps have eyelets that allow it to be used as an awning
* A top panel made of DuPontTM Tyvek® which beads water on contact but also remains breathable to prevent condensation build up underneath the covers surface
* 3 Year Warranty
Material DuPont™ Tyvek® Roof and Non Woven Polypropylene Sides
Shipping Normally Dispatched 1-2 Days

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Adco Pop Top Caravan Cover - 12ft - 14ft / 367cm - 428cm

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Adco Pop Top Caravan Cover Fits 367cm - 428cm (12' - 14')

    DuPont™ Tyvek® Roof and Non Woven Polypropylene Sides

  • Adco Brand
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Good Quality Cover | Superior Fabric to non branded Caravan Covers
  • Tyvek and Non Woven Polyproplyene
  • Zippered Access
  • Cover Fitment 2ft / 60cm Increments
  • Made in China
  • 3 Year Warranty

The Adco Caravan Cover is a superior quality Ready Made cover for your caravan which provides good protection from the sun. This cover material is superior to non-branded caravan covers and is backed with a 3 year warranty. (please read warranty details)

Cover Features

Zipper entry in 3 positions for easy access to your caravan when its covered

Eyelets on the Entry doors enable the flaps to used as an awning system when the van is covered

The cover has front and rear cinching systems which allows you to adjust the cover to eliminate loose flapping fabric

Attached straps and buckles allow the cover to be tightly secured

The cover has reinforced on the top and the bottom of all four corners to help protect against sharp objects

This cover is designed for outdoor use, but could also be suitable for use inside a garage or under a shed

The cover material is designed for full sun exposure, high moisture conditions and long term storage

The cover is supplied with reinforcement / repair patch which should be used to further protect the cover at any sharp points

What makes Adco covers better quality?

Adco covers are manufactured with a DuPont™ Tyvek®  roof cover material which is suited to Austraia's UV condtions.  We have seen that with ready made covers the roof line is usually the first place to suffer UV damage so its important that this cver has a good quality roof material.  DuPont™ Tyvek® is a trusted product  that can be relied upon for your RV cover.

Adco Covers have a 3 Year Warranty but I have seen cheaper covers at online auction sites with the same warranty

Its certainly true that some retailers are offering long warranties on thier covers but at Coverworld we have had many years of cover experience, we have a deep understanding of materials and how long they last in Australian conditions and in our experience its very rare that these types of covers can reach a 3 year lifespan.  The materials of this type of cover are suited to Northern Hemisphere conditions but for Australian weather conditions you can only rely on good quality materials

You offer made to order covers as well as Adco covers what is the difference?

Coverworld offer only good quality covers for RVs, the Adco cover in our opinion is the best cover on the market in a ready made material.  Our made to order covers are made from loom woven solution dyed materials which are better than non-woven fabrics in our opinion but this is is a superior quality ready made cover with a great warranty of 3 years

How do the covers fit?

The Adco covers are made in sizes with 2ft / 60cm increments (our USA made covers are in 1ft / 30cm increments and our custom covers are made exactly for the RV) so with this in mind the covers have been designed to fit RVs that fall within the size paramenters.  Prior to ordering you should physically measure your van because lots of RV's are marketed and sold as the internal dimensions (usable space in the RV) but the actual measured length is normally around 30-60cm longer and this is the measurement that you need for the correct cover fitment.  For example you might buy a van marketed as an 18ft van but externally you might find its length is around 19'6".  If you need any assistance with how to measure please contact us, our friendly sales team are available to help you.

I've bought a ready made cover before and it didnt last in the sun

Yes, we know that a lot of RV owners have been very dissapointed with the lifespan of purchased covers, really all we can say is the price is important and a warranty that you can rely on is important.  At Coverworld being cover specialists its our intention to only sell quality RV covers that meet our quality requirments.

Why do your other covers cost more money than the Adco cover?

The Ultimate, SunCover and StormCovers are made to order whereas the Adco covers are masss produced which makes it a lower price.

Do I need to take any special care of my cover?

All types of materials that are outside need to have some level of maintenance in order to get the maximum lifespan.  Even our most expensive covers with 7 year warranties still require some level of maintenance, you dont have to follow these guidelines but they will give you the very best cover life.

All materials when left outside, no matter how high the quality if they get very dirty mould spores in the environment can latch onto the dirt and grow on the dirts surface area, so its a good idea to inspect your cover from time to time, particularly if left stored in a position that attracts a lot of dirt.  If you notice that the surface of your cover has become very dirty we offer 303 all purpose cleaner which can be used on the material without causing damage to the material surface.

The Rv / Item being covered.

As as a customer requiring a cover its your responsibility to check whether it is compatible with having a cover when its stored.  This includes the surface of the item being covered and also all items underneath the cover.  Its not possible for us to know the exact details of any paint finish, varinsh finish or specific maximum temperature allowances for an item being covered.  You should always take special care with new uncured paint surfaces, varnishes, polishes and electrical equioment.  And be aware of environmental factors such as dust particles, particulary in dry conditions when static is more common, which can draw dirt and dust particles onto your RV body.



Before fitting your Adco Cover please read the fitting instructions. A copy of these fitting instructions will be sent automatically with your order confirmation

Download Adco Cover Fitting Instructions

Please read the Adco warranty for this RV Cover


Adco Cover Warranty