Rectangle Patio table cover, 220cm x 140cm

Rectangle Patio Table Cover | 200cm Length

patio table cover 2 metres long

Additional Information

Part # MOD-205-GRY-1
Brand Coverworld
* Highly Water Resistant fabric available in Grey, our own tests have shown highly water repellent.
* Neutral Grey Colour which blends into most surroundings
* Supplied with Tie Down Strap with side release buckle, Elasticated Hem and Drawcord Hem, a breather ventilation is built into the cover
* Woven Polyester Fabric with 1200mm PU Coating
* 1 Year Warranty
Material Premium (Woven Polyester)
Shipping Normally Dispatched 1-2 Days

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patio table cover 2 metres long

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Our new Premium + Fabric is a slightly darker shaded of grey than our standard premium fabric, please refer to the images of the 2 fabrics side by side. We now have waterproofing on the seams of the Premium + Fabric covers, though we cannot guarantee water will not get through the seams it is unlikely

200cm x 100cm Rectangle Patio Table cover

  • Overall Length 200cm
  • Overall Width 100cm
  • Overall Height 72cm
  • Drawcord in the Hem
  • Straps with Side release buckles for securing tightly
  • Elasticated Hem
  • Neutral Grey Colour
  • 1 Year Warranty

The actual cover dimensions are 205cm x 105cm but we suggest getting the cover for up to 200cm x 100cm as you need between 3cm to 5cm on each side for being able to fit the cover the Patio Table

The Cover height is 80cm

There are no special fitting instructions supplied with this cover as it is very easy to install

This cover has a PU inner coating which gives it good water repellency but is not guaranteed to be 100% waterproof

Q: How do I find the correct size Cover for my Patio Table?

First decide if you are going to cover a complete outdoor setting of table and chairs all under one cover, if so measure the overall size with the chairs tucked under the table.

Q: I have measured my table and chairs but your sizes are not correct for my table?

When covering a table and chairs if the cover available is a bit large for your outdoor patio setting remember that you can move your chairs further out to get a better fit.  Also the covers are supplied with Tie Dwon straps with side release buckles, elasticted hem and drawcord so once the cover is installed you can easily secure it to fit.

Q: How much bigger can the cover be than my setting?

You can go up to 20cm to 30cm extra on the overall dimensions, but if you would prefer a more fitted cover we do offer custom made covers.

How much do custom made Covers cost?

The Price depends on the overall dimensions, we also only make custom made covers out of very high quality fabrics with up to 5 years UV warranty.  Custom made prices are typically triple the price of ready made and do depend on your actual dimensions and your fabric selection. Please contact us with your patio setting dimensions for a quotation.

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