Outboard Motor Cover - Cowling 30 to 60HP

Outboard Motor Cover - Cowling 30 to 60HP

Cowling Outboard Motor Cover

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Part # OUTBOARD-MA074-3
* Height 490mm
* Width 360mm (left to right)
* Length 620mm (front to back)
* Soft Inner Lining
* 12 Month Warranty
Material Cyclone Marine Canvas
Shipping Normally Dispatched 1-2 Days

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Cowling Outboard Motor Cover

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Cowling Outboard Cover up to 30HP - 60HP

  • Length : 620mm
  • Width : 360mm
  • Height : 490mm

Outboard Motor Cover for the Cowling area of your Motor fits most 2 and 4 stroke engines 30 to 60HP. However you need to physically measure your Outboard Motor and compare to the measurements provided, you may need to go to the next size up for some models.

Measure the Cowling Circumferance and Height to ensure a good fit

  • Manufactured with Marine Grade Cyclone Canvas
  • Neutral Grey Colour
  • Great value Universal Fit Cover
  • Breathable
  • Water Resistant
  • Reinforced Top Stitched seams

In order to be certain that the Universal Sizes will fit your Outboard Motor you need to check the cover dimensions below because sometimes larger models of outboard Models needs to go up a size.

For example a 4 Stroke 50HP motor might have dimensions of Circumferance 1850mm and a leg height of 1500mm which means it will not fit into the size code for 30HP to 60HP.

The HP model size is a guide only.

Please refer to the images and tables below to choose the correct cover for your Outboard Motor


How to Measure Code Fits Engine Size Circumferance Height Width
outboard motor cover for full outboard leg and cowling OUTBOARD-FULLLEG-6HP up to 6HP 1260mm 980mm  
OUTBOARD-FULLLEG-15HP 8HP to 15HP 1400mm 1100mm  
OUTBOARD-FULLLEG-20HP 15HP to 20HP 1500mm 1250mm  
OUTBOARD-FULLLEG-30HP 20HP to 30HP 1650mm 1370mm  
OUTBOARD-FULLLEG-60HP 30HP to 60HP 1800mm 1440mm  
OUTBOARD-FULLLEG-100HP 60HP to 100HP 2000mm 1700mm  
OUTBOARD-FULLLEG-150HP 100HP to 150HP 2260mm 1900mm  
OUTBOARD-FULLLEG-250HP 150HP to 250HP 2480mm 1970mm  
outboard motor cowling cover OUTBOARD-COWL-15HP up to 15HP 520mm 270mm 320mm
OUTBOARD-COWL-30HP 15HP to 30HP 560mm 300mm 400mm
OUTBOARD-COWL-60HP 30HP to 60HP 620mm 360mm 490mm
OUTBOARD-COWL-100HP 60HP to 100HP 680mm 400mm 530mm
OUTBOARD-COWL-150HP 100HP to 150HP 740mm 460mm 580mm
OUTBOARD-COWL-250HP 150HP to 250HP 820mm 500mm 600mm
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