Tige Boat Covers

We offer custom made covers for all USA manufactured boats, our custom made covers have up to 5 years warranty and 20 colour choices. Our prices are normally around 50% of local marine trimmer prices for the same quality fabric and workmanship. Please contact us with your boat details and we will see if we have a pattern for your specific boat mode

Tigel Boat Covers

Tige Boat Covers


For Tige Boats we offer a range of covers to see if we have a custom pattern for your boat please contact us with your boat details, model and year and we can see if we have a pattern that is suitable for your boat model

Coverworld offer 3 ranges of Boat Covers for Tige Boats


Semi Custom Fit Boat Covers

Semi Custom Fit Covers are pre-made covers designed for trailering and storage

Semi Custom Fit Covers are available in a neutral Grey Fabric with a 1 year warranty

Styled to Fit Boat Covers

We offer an extensive range of covers that are styled to fit the boat model they are all made to order in the USA with a 3 year warranty and 11 colour choices

If our standard sizes do not match your boat specifications then we can get them made to different dimensions

Custom Fit Boat Covers

For the most popular USA manufactured boat models we offer fully tailored custom fit boat covers they are made from the same top quality fabric as your local marine trimmer would use, they have a 5 year warranty, 20 colour choices and our prices are typically around 50% of local trimmer prices

Tigel Boat Covers

Tige Boat Cover Photos