Horse Float Cover Custom Fit

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Tailor Made Horse Float Cover up to 518cm | 17' | Ultratect Fabric - 4 Year Warranty

Tailor Made Horse Float Cover

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* Tailored Custom Fit Pattern designed for Storage Conditions
* All stress seams are overlapped and double stitched for superior strength.
* High quality fabric designed for intense UV conditions
* All stress seams are overlapped and double stitched for superior strength.
* 4 Year Warranty
Material Premium (Woven Polyester)
Shipping Made to Order Lead time depends on Season TBA

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Tailor Made Horse Float Cover

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Tailored Fit Horse Float Made to Order for your Horse Float - up to 518cm

  • Custom Fit according to your measurements
  • Exceptional Quality Fabric suitable for intense UV conditions
  • 4 Colour Choices
  • 4 Year Warranty

Can I access my Horse Float when the cover is covered?

Yes, you can access the side door with two zippers and also there are two zippers at the rear.

You can roll the sides up and hold them securely in place with hook and loop straps sewn onto the cover.

What does Water Repellent mean?

The material is a Polyurethane coated polyester which means the cover material is highly water repellent, but the cover is stitched on the seams and it is possible for water to penetrate the seams.  Also the coating qualities will dimish over time.

The cover on the photos is Grey do you have any other colours?

The ready made cover is only available in Grey, but if you would like to choose other colours then in our made to order range you can choose colours

What is the difference between the ready made cover and the made to order Horse Float Cover?

The ready made cover provides a solution for covering your Horse Float at a fair price, the cover has a 12 month warranty.

The made to order cover is made from an exceptionally high grade of material that is engineered to provide many years of life in intense UV conditions, the Made to order Horse Float Covers cost considerably more than ready made covers but it is backed with a long warranty.No warranty further than one year is expressed or implied with the ready made horse float cover.

My horse float is not quite the same size as the cover dimensions will it still fit?

The read made horse float covers are designed to fit floats within a range of sizes, they have tension panels at the end which can be pulled in tightly across the back to provide a snug fit if the cover is a bit longer than your float.

My Horse Float is the same size as the cover dimensions will it still fit?

You should allow some fabric allowance for fitting the cover, so do not go up to the exact fabric dimensions.  If your Horse Float is exactly the same overall length and overall width then you need to go up to the next size.

If I choose a made to order Horse Float Cover will it be made to my float dimensions?

Yes, the made to order float covers are made to your dimensions and you will be required to complete a measuring form, its important to fill this in correctly as modifications or amendments from the original dimensions provided will be charged on a materials and cost per hour basis, contect us to confirm this amount as it may change from time to time.

Is the cover easy to install?

Please bear in mind that because a Horse Float is high and that you will need to stand on a ladder to get the cover onto the roof

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Measuring Form For Made to Order Horse Float covers

Please complete the measurments for your Custom Made Horse Float cover, contact us with any questions  


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