Rectangular Marine Hatch Cover 400mm x 520mm

Hatch Cover Rectangular 400mm x 520mm

ocean south hatch covers

Additional Information

Part # HATCH-MA400-10
* Width 520mm
* Length 400mm
* UV Resistant
* Weather Proof
* 1 Year Warranty
Material Premium (Woven Polyester)
Shipping Normally Dispatched within 7 Working Days

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ocean south hatch covers

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Hatch Cover in Dope dyed polyester ATLAS Marine Canvas

  • fits hatches up to 400mm x 520mm
  • Surround Drawstring for tight fit
  • Sure-lock Toggle
  • Breathable Fabric Reduces Condensation Build-up
  • Comes in Navy Blue
  • 1 Year Warranty

Easily extend the life of your hatches with our UV Protected Hatch Covers.

What is Sunbrella® Fabric?

Sunbrella® is a Solution Dyed Marine Acrylic Fabric used and Trusted globally in the most demanding of applications. It is particularly UV resistant and we offer all Sunbrella®  covers with a 5 Year Warranty.

What does Solutioin Dyed Mean?

Solution Dyed is a term used to describe a unique process of fabric cloth colouring without actually using any dyes at all.  Highly UV-resistant pigments are mixed in before it even becomes a fiber. Fiber is then cut, baled, blended, spun into yarn and woven into fabric. 


As with all outdoor materials correct care and maintenance will ensure the maximum lifespan from the fabric, the following guidelines are recomended in order for your Sunbrella cover to last beyond its 5 year warranty period

  • Prevent water pooling on the cover
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