UP TO 400CM | HAIL CAR COVER - 1 Year Warranty

Hail Protection Car Cover

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Part # AUTO-HAIL-35-178
Brand No
* Full protection of car duco and interior from harmful sun rays
* 6mm compressed polyester on top for hail protection.
* Sizes available for most passenger & 4wd vehicles
* Silver Colour
* 1 Year Warranty
Material Rip Stop Material
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Hail Protection Car Cover

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Hail Protection Car Cover

  • Fits Cars up to 400cm Length
  • 6mm Compressed Polyester across vehicle Centreline (not on the sides)
  • Lined with Soft Plush Non Abrasive Lining
  • Fitted with 4 Anti-Condensation air breathers
  • Security Straps Provided
  • Double stitched high resistant P.E waterproof fabrics
  • 1 Year Warranty

Do you Guaranteed Protection from Hail Damage?


Coverworld cannot guarantee that you will never get hail damage when using this protective the 4mm compressed material will provide impact protection and will minimise damage from large hail stones. As the roof lining is waterproof in extreme cases you could also put additional items under the cover for increased protection.


How should I install the Hail Protection Cover?


Before installing the Hail cover please allow the vehicle to cool completely before fitting the car cover, do not fit the cover onto a wet vehicle.  If your vehicle has been freshly painted you should check with your pain manufacturer before installing a cover onto your car paintwork


How much protection is provided?


We offer 3 different types of hail protection covers with 3 levels of padding.  Please see item description for the specific cover you are looking at,


Ready made hail covers available with protective thick area of the cover is across the vehicle centre line designed to provide protection across the roof line, bonnet and rear from hail damage. The padded layer does not extend down the front or sides of the vehicle. The materials on the cover are waterproof but the seams are stitched its possible for water to penetrate stitched seams, 6mm padding.

Ready Made hail covers with roof and sides coverage, sides do not come to the very bottom of the vehicle but cover the windows completely and a large area on the sides.

Custom Made to order Stormcovers provide all over padding


How can I get extra protection on the sides of my vehicle?


If you require all over padding please look at our made to order Stormcovers


Can these covers be used for everyday storage


Yes they can but they have been specifically designed for hail and impact protection, if you use this cover outside in the UV for extended periods the lifespan of the cover could be reduced. If your primary concern is UV protection then we recommend one of our made to order covers with up to 5 years UV warranty or the premium car covers range

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