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303 High Tech Fabric Guard | Bulk 3.78 Litre Bottle

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Part # 303-BULK-HTFG
Brand 303
* 303 High Tech Fabric Guard is powerful enough to protect in the harshest of environments yet gentle enough for fine fabrics even wools, silks and fine leathers including suedes - not for synthetic suede
* Use 303 High Tech fabric on outdoor fabrics and restore lost water and stain repellency to factory levels
* 303 High Tech Fabric Guard resists soiling, impedes mildew formation and helps protect against colour fade
* 303 Trusted USA manufactured product - Proper maintenance with 303 Products will add to the life of your fabrics, save you money, and ... It's Easy !
* Ideally clean first with Multi Surface Fabric cleaner
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Buy Bulk High Tech Fabric Guard online australia

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303 High Tech Fabric Guard Bulk
1 Gallon / 3780ml bottle

  • Strengthens and restores water repellency on Fabrics
  • Inhibits the growth of mould and mildew
  • Maintains Colour Fastness
  • Keeps synthetic fabrics soft, supple and breathable
  • Can be used safely on synthetic and natural fabrics

COVERAGE: 75-100 sq. ft. (60 x 90 cm) per 16 fl. oz. (473 ml) on lightweight fabrics; 40-75 sq. ft. (30 x 60cm) on heavier fabrics depending on material and application method.

You will need to decant this bulk gallon bottle into a smaller spray top bottle so that you can treat the surface of the fabric

Note 303 Fabric Guard is classified as Dangerous Goods for shipping and is sent separately to other items, Dangerous Goods have special courier restrictions and rates

303 High Tech Fabric Guard FAQ


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What is 303 High Tech Fabric Guard?


303® Fabric Guard is the only product recommended by and for Sunbrella®, as well as other many other fabric manufacturers to restore lost water and stain repellency. 303 Fabric Guard provuides unbeatable protection against damage from soiling, water-based and even oil-based stains and marks. It is also safe enough to use on the most delicate of fabrics.


Which fabrics can 303 High Tech Fabric Guard be use on?


303® Fabric Guard can be used on all types of fabrics, including natural fibers & synthetics. Great for use on your outdoor pillows and cushions, fabric awnings or canopies, umbrellas, Bimini boat tops, as well as fabric convertible tops and more. If you are unsure if Fabric guard is suitable for your specific fabric application please contact us


How to use Fabric Guard


Fabric guard should only be used on newly, cleaned and dry fabrics. For best results, treat fabrics in warm weather, of at least 70 degrees or warmer. In a well-ventilated area, apply 303® Fabric Guard on fabric until damp, overlapping in a crisscross pattern. Do not saturate. Let dry for 6-12 hours in a clean, dry environment before using or storing.

The following data sheet is detailed below you can read this if you would like very detailed product information prior to buying Fabric Guard

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Usage Instructions for 303 High Fabric Guard

  • Product liquid and spray are flammable, keep product and treated article (until dry) away from heat, sparks or open flames. Do not smoke when applying 303® Fabric Guard™.
  • Spray until evenly wet, overlapping sprayed areas.
  • NOTE: Reduced coverage when applied with paint roller or brush.
  • Apply to fabric above 70°F/21°C. For fastest drying and curing time apply in full sun when possible
  • Treated material must be protected from rain/dew until completely cured.
  • CURING: 6-12 hours dependent on temperature. If these steps are performed correctly, the material will be water repellent at this point. 303® Fabric Guard™ will need reapplication depending on fabric exposure to sunlight and weather conditions; pour water on fabric to determine need to retreat fabric.
  • COVERAGE: 75-100 sq. ft. (7-9.3 m²) per 16 fl. oz. (473 ml) on lightweight fabrics; 40-75 sq. ft. (3.7-7 m²) on heavier fabrics depending on material and application method.

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