Custom Fit Seat Covers made to order in Suede look material

Custom Made Seat Covers are made to order for your vehicle. After making your fabric selection and ordering we will require the form below to be completed, please download the form and you can send it to us separately after placing your order.
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Elegant Seat Covers | Contemporary

Elegant Seat Covers | Contemporary

Additional Information

Brand Custom Made Seat Covers : Elegant Fabric
* Synthetic Suede seat cover with a soft finish design down the centre panel and comfortable to sit on. Suits most late model vehicle interiors.
* Black or Charcoal Colours
* Custom Made to Order for your Specific Vehicle
* Airbag Compatible if Required
* 1 Year Warranty
Material Premium (Woven Polyester)
Shipping Made to Order usually dispatched 14 days

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Elegant Seat Covers | Contemporary

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Elegant | Car Seat Covers
Custom Made to Order
Manufacturing Time 2-3 weeks

  • Fabric Style : Contemporary Suits Modern Vehicle Interiors
  • Colours : Black or Charcoal
  • Custom Made to Order
  • Can be made Airbag Compatible
  • Patterns available for most vehicles from year 2000 onwards*
  • Pricing is per Row, Front, Middle or Rear
  • 1 Year Warranty

Fabric Description

* If you wish to order custom made seat covers we have patterns for most vehicles from year 2000 onwards. In some unusual cases if we do not have a pattern available we will not be able to process your order.

Custom Made Seat Covers have varying turnaround times for the manufacturing depending on the time of year in general allow up to 2 weeks for manufacturing. If your order is time sensitive please contact us prior to ordering and we will advise a more accurate manufacturing lead time.

For all Custom Made Car Seat Covers you will be required to complete a custom made form.

Please download our comprehensive FAQ about seat covers

Download the Seat Cover FAQ Complete Information Document

Q: Why are Universal Fit Seat Covers a lower price than custom made?

The Universal Fit Front Seat Covers are a ready made item that are manufactured in bulk overseas. The Tailor Made Custom Seat Covers are made to order in Australia for your specific vehicle seats and incur a higher price.

Q: Is there any difference between the material for Custom Made and Universal Fit?

For most fabrics we offer a Universal Fit option for Standard Font Bucket Seats and some models of bucket seats that have integrated headrests. You can choose Custom Fit in all the same material choices

Q: It looks like I can save a lot of money buying Universal Fit?

Yes, this is correct as they are made overseas in bulk quantity, however its important to read the fitment information before choosing Universal Fit Seat Covers

Q: Do Universal Fit Covers fit all Front seats?

No, Universal Fit Seat Covers only fit Standard Car Bucket Seats which are often referred to as 30/50 seats that have adjustable headrests. If you front bucket seats have integrated headrests (moulded) the seat is referred to as a 25/60 style Car bucket Seats that have integrated headrests, 30/50 are seats with adjustable headrests - Universal Seat Covers will not fit sports seats or seats with bolsters.

The image below shows the types of front seats in most vehicles, the 30/50 style with adjustable headrests and the 25/60 style with integrated headrests (available in some materials) but sports seats are not suitable for universal fit.

types of seats in cars for seat covers

Q: Do Universal Fit Covers fit all Second Row seats?

No, Universal Fit Seat Covers are not designed to fit a specific type of second row seat. They have a solid base and a solid backrest without any cut outs for cup holders, armrests or seat belts. You will need to cut the fabric on them for specific seat fittings if you wish to access them. If you have a plain base and backrest then these are often suitable, some customers are looking for seat protection only and are not using all the of seat features in this case you can use universal fit. Do not order a universal fit bench seat covers if you wish to access any of the fitting on your seats. Typically Universal Seat Covers will not fit seats with bolsters.

The image below shows what type of seats can use the Universal Rear Bench

Q: What's the difference between Tailor Made and Universal Seat Cover fit?

Universal Covers are designed to fit a wide range of seats, in some cases you may find the covers a bit baggy, in other cases there will be a tight fit - whereas tailor made covers are tailored for your specific vehicle's seats. You should only order universal fit if you dont mind that the seat covers may be a bit lose on the seats. After fitting a Universal Fit Seat Cover they take a couple of months to settle

Q: Is there a Difference between the fabric of Universal Fit Covers and Tailor Made ones?

No there is no difference in the quality of the fabric between Universal and Tailor made Covers.

Q: If I choose Universal and I don't like the fit can I return them?

As per our standard trading terms you have 7 days to inspect the goods you receive from date of delivery (please read our terms) You cannot returned used items and they must be in original packaging.

Q: If I choose Custom Made Seat Covers can I return them?

No, made to order items are made for you specifically and cannot be returned due to order error or change of mind, please order carefully when choosing custom made. In the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect with custom made the manufacturer will rectify any fitment problems and the order cannot be cancelled

Q: The photos in the images show a very good fit will my seat covers fit the same as the photos?

All seat covers take an amount of time to settle but the fitment on universal will very from seat to seat, custom made are guaranteed to provide the very best fit, no guarantees are given with Universal Fit as to how tight or loose they will be

Q: Are the seat covers easy to fit?

All seat covers require installation and will take an amount of time to fit depending on how many seat covers you are fitting. Each seat type will have a different method of installation. In some cases you will need to remove the seat base to fit rear seats, you should check with your vehicle manufacturer prior to ordering. If we are able to offer a pattern for your vehicle then the covers are possible to fit. We do not have patterns available for every vehicle but for most models

Q: My vehicle is quite unusual do you have the seat cover pattern?

Our available pattern library includes seat covers for most vehicles from 1970 to current. In the very unusual situation of not having a pattern available in your chosen fabric selection it may be available in an alternative material as we supply seat covers from a number of Australias seat cover manufacturers. If you do want to change to a different fabric selection, which in some cases might not be available at the same price we will refund your order in full. If you would like to check if we have a pattern please contact us prior to ordering

Q: I am going to provide my vehicle details with this order do I still need to complete the custom made form?

With your vehicle details we will check that if you have ordered universal front seat covers you have selected them for bucket seats with or without adjustable headrests. We will not check the seat style of the 2nd row seats as its explained that the universal bench seat doesnt have any splits in it (unless specified in the description for some fabrics). For custom made seat covers we require a seat cover form as prior to manufacturing so that the seat style in your vehicle can be checked before the seat covers are made. This is for your and our peace of mind that your seats are the same as the pattern that we have for your vehicle.

Q: What is the lead time?

Custom made seat covers are made to order if you provide your seat information with your order then we will be able to submit your order details to the manufacturer quickly if you want to send the seat cover form to us after ordering we will have to wait for the form until we can subm,it the order. After order placement it typically takes around 5-10 business days till your order is made and ready for dispatch. If you you would like your custom made seat covers manufactured on an express service you can optionally select this when placing your order, if you are ordering 2 rows of seat covers you need to choose 2 rows of express manufacturing. For Universal Fit seat covers they dont need to be manufactured but we do not hold them all in stock all of the time so if you would like them dispatched within 2 days business days of placing your order please choose express dispatch for universal seat covers. Express dispatch means dispatched quickly the covers are still dispatched by regular courier service. If your seat cover order is time critical please contact us, particularly during busy seasons when lead times may be delayed

Q: What is the warranty period and terms

Please read our standard warranty terms and the extra information about the warranty is supplied by the seat cover manufacturer below

If the SKU has 'ILA' in the part number click here

If you aren't sure whether you think universal fit seat covers will fit your vehicle please contact us and we can check if your vehicle has standard style bucket seats, though we can check the seat type we cannot advise if the fitment will be loose or tight on your specific vehicle seats

Please view our Standard Coverworld Terms before ordering.

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There is a lot of information on our Terms page, please read them and feel free to ask any questions, we have friendly sales staff ready to take your call or send us an email

Please view our Standard Warranty details before ordering.

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