Weathershield Multi Colour Car Cover

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Weathershield Multi Colours Custom Made Car Cover | Outdoor Use

weather hp multi colour town tone car covers online

Additional Information

Brand Covercraft | Coverworld have been a Covercraft Distributor since 2008
* Designed for Intense UV Conditions
* Breathable
* Highly Water Resistant
* 8 Colour Choices
* 4 Year Warranty
Material Weathershield HP
Shipping Made to Order manufacturing time 2-4 weeks


Special Offer Free Delivery to 99% of Australian Addresses
Perfect Fit Cover - Custom Made for your Car - SUV - Ute - Wagon - Hatch - Sedan - Coupe
Weathershield HP Car Covers are one of the Best Performance Fabrics but also Packs down to the smallest size for Storage

Weatheshield HP “HP” = High Performance, which is exactly what this superior fabric provides your vehicle. Manufactured from true loom woven fabric that is impregnated with advanced polymer additives creating a cover that is almost 100% impenetrable by dirt, dust and importantly damaging UV rays. Not only the advanced UV treatment firmly entrenched within the fibres of the fabric because of the solution dying process but so is the colour which can last for many years without colour fading.


With the Weathershield fabric you have a range of options from the standard Grey and Taupe Colours or you can optionally choose Premium Colours or Two Tone Covers.


The superior construction of this custom patterned car cover gives you the highest level of protection from all weather elements and UV conditions.


Covering the exterior of your car also provides interior protection it prevents your dashboard and wood trim from cracking, protects leather interiors and rubber form fading and chrome from tarnishing.


Weathershield HP is not waterproof but if the cover is looked after and kept clean then it will retain its excellent water repellency properties and this cover can be left on your car for extended time periods, though in outdoor conditions we recommend adding GustGuard to your order.


Weathershield also packs down the smallest of all the custom made car covers making it very easy to store away when not in use also due to the unique fabric construction Weathershield car covers can easily be cleaned in a home washing machine.


  • Weathershield HP fabric gives amazing protection highly sun intense environments
  • Fabric is Patented EPIC by Nextec® polymer
  • Blocks dust, pollen and tree sap better than any other custom made fabric car cover
  • Fabric dries quickly because water cannot permeate deeply into the fabrics fibres
  • Smallest amount of storage space required when not in use
  • Many colour options available including two tone
  • Elastic edging in hem provides great fit, Gust Guard recommended for long term storage
  • Safe to clean in a home washing maching

This cover is made in Australia and has a 4 year manufacturers warranty.

This Car Cover is Made for your Specific Vehicle the price varies according to the vehicle size, price guidelines are below

Our pricing structure has price codes G1 to G6 and T1 to T3


As a guide small sports cars would normally be priced G1 to G2


Most Sedans are priced G3 to G4, G5 to g6 are for exceptionally large vehicles


Smaller utes (example Falcon Utes) are normally T1


Large Utes such as 4x4 Utes are T2 to T3

    • G1 = $439.00
    • G2 = $495.00
    • G3 = $569.00
    • G4 = $690.00
    • G5 = $790.00


  • T1 = $579.00
  • T2 = $695.00
  • T3 = $789.00


covercraft weathershield custom car cover australia two tone

Can I use the Car Cover for Indoor and Outdoor Use?

Details : It is important to carefully select the cover suited to your vehicles storage conditions.  If you want to use your cover for Indoor Storage Only then 

How will the Custom Made Car Cover fit my car ?

No:  The patterns for Custom Made Car Covers have been tailored to your specific vehicle so you will have body hugging cover that follows the contours and body lines of your vehicle

I have found a model that is very similar to my car will this cover fit?

No : All covers are made for the exact model, series and year if you cannot find your vehicle listed then please contact us as new patterns are added daily and we may now have the pattern for your vehicle.  However we also have universal sizes that are suitable for many vehicles.

I have a factory style spoiler will the cover fit?

If the vehicle is sold as standard with a spoiler it will fit, however in order to be certain please contact us prior to ordering before placing an order, you may need to have a cover modification.

Are the covers easy to put on?

The installation process and time that it takes depends on the size and shape of the vehicle you are covering, as with all covers installation does take a bit of time but as Form Fit covers are not usually taken on and off on a daily basis you should find that the process is not too long and worth it for keeping your beautiful car clean and dust free.

What happens if I order the wrong Car Cover?

You should be able to find the exact Car Cover for your vehicle listed on our website, if you cannot see your model listed then please contact us before placing an order, as your Car Cover is made to order and it cannot be returned.

Is the Cover Easy to Clean?

Each different fabric type has different cleaning methods, please check this before placing your custom made car cover order.

Do I need to use optional items such as Gust Guard and Clamp and Lock?

The Gust Guard is designed to help prevent the cover from lifting in windy conditions we recommend using Gust Guard for long term storage usage and also the lock and cable for added cover security.

Custom made car covers have predesigned patterns however at Coverworld we do not to simply submit orders for manufacturing until we have checked some vehicle details with you.  We do this because there have been times where a customer for example has an aftermarket fitted rear spoiler and this means that the standard pattern is not suitable.  If you are purchasing a cover for a second hand vehicle then its important to find ouf if you do have aftermarket fittings.   The manufacturing lead time is approximate and is from the date that we have received all the vehicle specific information from you. 

Do you have a question that we have not answered ? Please detail your question below and we will come back to you soon.

Please describe your question so that we can assist you.
Please put this part number |WEATHERSHIELD-MULTI-INFO| in the Part Number box below.


Installing your new cover is simple. To help with this, a "Front" tag is sewn on the inside of the cover so you can easily see which side is the front.  Once you’ve identified the front of the cover, secure this area of the cover around the front tire first, then pull the cover over the top of the handlebars and secure under the rear tire last.

You may wish to optionally reinforce the inside of your cover with duct tape for any areas that will be in direct contact with sharp places. This can help ensure that your cover will last as long as possible.


The following procedure will make it easier to remove and install the cover whenever it is used:

  • Release both ends of the cover from under the tires.
  • Fold up both sides onto the seat into a long pile.
  • Start at the front tire and fold the cover in one foot folds from the front to the back.

If you use the same procedure each time, you will find it only takes about 30 seconds to install or to remove the cover.

The elastic at each end of the cover will keep it in place under all normal conditions. Use care in installing the cover on a vehicle which has just been driven to be sure the material does not come in contact with hot exhaust pipes.

Cleaning Instructions

The generic cleaning instructions noted below are intended for use with all custom made Fabric covers but you should refer to the specific instruction sheet included with your purchase for any specific fabric care instructions.

Car Cover Performance ca be dramatically affected by dirt that builds up on and within the material.  It can cause the windshield and paint to become dirty and "fogged" as well as create "wicking" where is actually helps pull water through the fabric, nullifying the water resistant properties that the fabric originally may have had.  Cleaning your cover will help to keep your vehicle clean and will ensure that teh serviceable life of the cover is reached.

NEVER ... Clean a car cover in a washer

NEVER ... Use Fabric Softener

NEVER ... Dry a non-woven or speciality type cover in a dryer

(Weathershield® and Form-Fit® covers can be dried in a dryer with regular heat)

1)Using a large commercial washer without agitator, wash the cover using 1/4 cup of 303 Fabric Cleaner All Purpose Cleaner 9some weathershield covers are compact enough to be washed in a normal size washing machine).  Place the cover in the washer and pour the cleaner in the tub after its full with warm water or pour it directly into the machine (necessary for some wall mounted commercial units) then place the cover inside and start the machine.

2)Rinse the cover twice (2 x) to fully remove the cleaner

3)Air dry unless its a cover that is specifically noted that can be dried in a dryer with regular or low heat

A cover may also be cleaned by turning it inside-out on the vehicle

1)Mix 1 ounce 303 fabric cleaner all purpose cleaner per quart of warm water.

2)Spray or sponge onto the cover

3)Rinse with Plain Water (until no suds) and allow to air dry


Specific fabric Cleaning Instructions are below:


Please view our Standard Coverworld Terms before ordering.

Open Coverworld Terms Here

There is a lot of information on our Terms page, please read them and feel free to ask any questions, we have friendly sales staff ready to take your call or send us an email

Please view our Made to Order Universal & Custom Fit Car and Motorbike and PWC Covers Warranty details before ordering.

Open Warranty Information Here


You can view all the Care and Maintenace Instructions which has the manufacturers details on them below


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Each Cover fabric has its own specific care instructions and in addition to this you can view the general cleaning instructions below


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