Custom Made BBQ Cover up to 200cm Overall Length

Made to Order BBQ Cover for Hooded BBQs

custom bbq cover


Please read the Fabric Information Brochure before making your Material selection


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Custom Made BBQ Cover up to 200cm Overall Length

custom made hooded bbq cover

Additional Information

Brand Made to order by Coverworld
* For Hooded BBQ Unit up to 200cm Overall Length
* A tap fitting (sock) can be built into the cover if required (additional charge applies)
* Available in Breathable and Waterproof Materials
* Available in a range of colour choices depending on the material selection
* Warranty depends on material selected
Material Choose your Material Preference
Shipping Made to Order usually dispatched 14 days
custom made hooded bbq cover

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  • Made to Order Cover : Canvacon Beige - 2 Year warranty
  • Made to Order Cover : Canvacon Beige - 2 Year warranty
  • Made to Order Cover : Canvacon Beige - 2 Year warranty
  • Made to Order Cover : Premium SD Grey - 2 Year Warranty
  • Made to Order Cover : Premium SD Black - 2 Year Warranty
  • Weatherstop Custom Made Cover : Toast : 3 Year Warranty
  • Weatherstop Custom Made Cover : Charcoal - 3 Year Warranty
  • Weatherstop Custom Made Cover : Black - 3 Year Warranty
  • SunCover Made to Order Cover : Black - 7 Year Warranty
  • TAP on BBQ Cover
  • Not Required
  • 303 High Tech Fabric Guard 32oz / 946ml
  • Not Required
  • Not Required
  • Yes

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Custom Made Hooded BBQ Grill Cover
Hooded BBQ Grills
  • Overall Length up to 200cm
  • Overall Height up to 120cm
  • Overall Width up to 80cm
  • Made to order
  • Select from our wide range of Materials
  • Up to 7 Year Warranty

It is important to read the informative brochures before making your material selection, Coverworld are not able to advise the material that you should choose as it depends on the item being covered, you should check with the manufacturer which materials are suitable to be used for covering your BBQ

This price is for a made to order BBQ cover for free standing BBQ not a BBQ unit that is fixed against a wall without a gap behind it for the cover to be inserted

After your order is submitted we will require a photo of your BBQ and we will need to ask for some specific measurements in order to make the cover for you

Waterproof materials can leak water with water pressure / pooling and through stitched seams

Please read our custom made covers material brochure


Q : I need a waterproof cover, which fabric should I select?

The only material that is waterproof is the canvacon PolyFabric option. This is a laminated polyfabric that has a tarp look, it is laminated on both sides for UV and waterproofing.  Over time this lamination will lift from the inner layer of the material, particuarly if it is frequently folded up as folding can cause after time the lamination to be removed from the material.

Note that although the actual product is waterproof the seams are not waterproof with normal water levels water will not penetrate these seams. However if water is pooling on the cover then the water-pressure can push water through the seams, this comes through gradually and will reduce as the water pressure reduces.

Waterproof materials such as the Canvacon do not allow trapped moisture to breath through the material. Also waterproof materials such as canvacon are more likely to promote condensation underneath the cover. Though condensation is caused by temperature extremeities when ondensation occurs with a breathable material it will come back out through the material with the rise in temperature. Canvacon is not breathable.


Q : I wish to cover a wooden table can I use these covers?

Wooden surfaces can have a wide range treatmetns, waxes, polishes and oils applied to them. Coverworld cannot give advise as to whether your specic object that you have enquired about a cover for is suitable for covering with our materials. We recommend that you check with your manufacturer before purchasing a cover for any item as we will not be helf liable for any damage caused to any item covered. This is particualry important for wooden surfaces but applies to all items being covered. 

Q : I want a waterproof cover and the seams on the canvacon are not waterproof can anything be done to them?

Unfortunately not by the method of sewing. Some types of materials are suitable for hot welding together which causes a waterproof bonded seam, we are not able to heat bond the seams of our made to order covers.

Q : How can I stop water penetrating the seams of any of the covers?

If water has the opportunity to pool on the cover, particulalry at the seams then it is likley that the water will get through those edges. We recomended that if you see that after installing the cover that water may sit in a certain position in rainy conditions without being able to move then you should look at trying to prop the cover up to allow for water run off. We do have straps available with side release buckles that may help with this purpose, but otherwise you need to find a suitable object to place under the cover to lift it at such points. be aware of sharp objects that might damage the cover as this will not covered by warranty.

Q : Will the covers last longer than the warranty periods?

All of the materials ordered as made to order can last longer than the warranty periods if properly maintained and used. You should keep the materials clean, using chemical free gentle cleaners, these are available from Coverworld. After cleaning woven material covers the covers should be treated with High Tech Fabric Guard which can restore original factory condition water repellency. Allowing the covers to become dirty can cause the materials to have a reduced life span. Excessive tight folding of the canvacon can caused the UV and waterproong lamination to lift from the surface so it should be rolled up when not used rather than stored.  Covers should always be clean and dry when stored away, storing damp folded covers can cause the fabric to become damaged.

Note: Quoted prices do not include the courier delivery which depends on your delivery postcode. All custom covers are made in easiest shape method which is usually made of a top and a skirt around the top or an up and over design with two sides sewn onto it. If you have items such as sharp corners or edges you need to make sure they are covered to prevent the material from pushing through these areas. Covers do not have reinforcements built into them. You should check the items you are wanting covered are suitable for covering. Polishes and Treatments can react when covers are fitted, you should check that any treatments being used are suitable for having covers over them. In very dry conditions static build up can occur underneath covers and this can cause environmental dirt particles to become trapped inside a cover, you may need an anti static treatment.

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