Ultimate Caravan Cover Made in USA fits up to 13ft exterior length

Ultimate Caravan Cover - 13ft Full Size Van or Pop Top with top stored Up

usa made caravan cover 12ft


The Ultimate Caravan Cover is manufactured with a very durable 600 denier Performance Poly-Guard® material, the material and the cover are made in the USA


This cover is designed for Full Size Vans or Pop Tops with the top stored Up, if you have a pop top with the roof stored down then you need to choose the Pop Top Height Cover

400cm | 13ft Ultimate Caravan Cover (Full Size and Pop Top with Top Stored Up)

usa made caravan cover

Additional Information

Part # RV-CV13P-HI
Brand Coverworld Exclusive Cover
* Exceptional Quality True Loom Woven Fabric with State of the Art UV, Mould, Mildew & Water Inhibitors
* All components of highest grade, this is made on a per ft length basis for a better fit
* Two Heavy Duty Number 10 Zippers, see diagram for position, these are very strong zippers with large chunky zipper teeth
* Cover Includes Heavy Duty Reinforcement Kit to protect from Sharp edges and strong durable straps with side release buckles
* 3 Year Warranty
Material Performance Polyguard®
Shipping Made to Order in USA usually dispatched from Sunshine Coast within 28 days
usa made caravan cover

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Ultimate Caravan Cover

  • FITS OVERALL LENGTH | 336cm - 365cm (11' 1" - 12')
  • FITS OVERALL WIDTH | up to 250cm
  • FITS HEIGHT | up to 219cm
  • Cover Includes 2 Heavy Duty Number 10 Zippers on the Near Side for easy Access
  • 3 Year Warranty

Do not go up a size specifically to cover a rear spare tyre its better to purchase a separate tyre covers

When advising you have a Full Size Van the Cover supplied fits up to 219cm, it has straps that go underneath the van from side to side and has additional straps that cab be wrapped around the complete body of the van it also have straps on the bottom of the cover and additional straps that can go around the van completely

This cover is normally only available in Grey, however if you would like the cover in the Beige please contact us and we can check if the factory have enough Beige fabric stock available

Carver produces RV covers from our trademarked Performance Poly-Guard®, our marine customers’ favorite fabric. This steadfast, strong and reliable fabric stands the test of time in harsh marine environments and is a superior choice for RV covers because of its extremely high resistance to tearing. Performance Poly-Guard® is 8 oz, 600-denier 100% marine-grade polyester that is UV and mildew resistant. It is extremely water repellent yet breathable to help allow interior moisture to escape, an important factor in maintaining the health of your RV’s finish. We are proud that Performance Poly-Guard® is a workhorse fabric. The cover fabric and the cover are manufactured in the USA

What are Ultimate Covers made from?

Ultimate Covers are manufactured from a True Loom Woven Polyester which is solution dyed and treated with State of the Art Advanced, UV, Mould and Mildew Inhibitors. * All fabrics require some level of care and maintenance to last above and beyond warranty period of fabric.  Read Care instructions prior to ordering.

The covers in the Ultimate range are made from Solution Dyed Polyester Fabrics. The Ultimate Cover (Polyguard) is an 8oz (per SQ YD) and Ultimate Plus is a 6oz (per SQ YD) fabric weight

Is the Fabric thick and Heavy?

Actually No, the material used to make Ultimate RV covers have a soft feel to it, it is not very heavy or thick.  Its often conceived that thicker fabrics are better, actually when it comes to fabric this is not always the case, in fact some of the thicker caravan covers being sold are the worst type in terms of longevity under the UV.   However even though with the Ultimate and Ultimate Plus are a woven fabric over the entire length of an RV they can still be quite heavy, some estimates on the cover weights are provuded as an estimate.

What Colours are the Ultimate RV Covers.

Ultimate Covers are available in Mist Grey Only

Are Ultimate Covers a 1 piece or 3 piece RV cover?

All ultimate covers are a 1 piece cover, for very large RV's such as Large Motorhomes you may find the cover is heavy.  Our 3 piece zip on SunCover with a 7 Year warranty is the best option for large RV's where the cover weight and size might be an issue for installation.

How many years can the material last?

Its important to understand that though the materials used in the Ultimate Covers range of are of excellent quality, much like owning any object there is a certain level of care that must be undertaken in order for the fabric to reach its maximum lifespan and potential.

The Ultimate / Plus fabric must be properly cared for and maintained.  Though it is manufactured using state of the art mould, mildew and water inhibitors fabric maintenance is require in order to keep these conditions at factory levels.  Fabric that becomes dirty is susceptible to damage caused by potential growth of mould spores on the material surface and as such should be cleaned using our recommended fabric cleaning products.  After the process of cleaning the surface of the material should be treated with Fabric Guard. 

Does water Pooling cause damage to the cover?

yes, it can, its important to see after cover application if any specific areas are becoming heavily weighted with pooled water.  Continual water pooling can over time damage the material so its important to look out for such areas after teh cover is installed and provide a lifting / raised point to adequatley prevent continually pooled water.

Is the material waterproof?

No, but this is a good thing.  A lot of cover suppliers try to market thier covers as waterproof and indeed some covers are but for certain applications such as an RV cover the correct type of material for protection needs to be a water repellent fabric that is designed to repel as much water as possible whilst also allowing the material to breath.  Humidity during hot months can evaporate through the cover and moisture from condensation in colder months also escape through breathable fabrics.

Straps and Securing Method for Ultimate Pop Top and Full size van covers

The Pop Top series covers have a side height of 1800mm, the Full size van covers have a side height of 2180mm. There are straps sewn into the bottom of the cover with side release buckles that secure under and fully around the body of the van.

 Can one person install the cover?

Camper Trailer Covers : Yes

Caravan Covers : Yes but larger sizes can have quite a lot of weight to the overall cover, you may need assistance to lift the cover onto the roof of your RV for installation.   Refer to approximate weights below.

How long does it take to put the cover on?

For Caravans and Motorhomes allowing approximately 30-40 minutes should be sufficient, however you will probably find that your first installation is quite time consuming and you will get faster on subsequent applications.

Standard Features of the Ultimate RV Cover

  • Excellent Quality Material and Construction
  • Caravsn have access to the front, middle and rear doors, Motorhomes have access to the passenger side door to access the motorhome
  • Marine Grade Breathable Fabric to help release any moisture or trapped condensation
  • Adjustable front tension panels
  • Heavy duty Tie Down Straps
  • All Caravan and Motorhome covers include a Heavy Duty Reinforcement Kit to protect stress points such as around aerials and awnings
  • Neutral Grey Colour
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Storage Bag supplied

How long is the warranty?

We offer a 3 year warranty on all of our USA manufactured Ultimate RV Covers, please read our warranty details.

What can I do to prolong the life of my Ultimate Cover?

  • Avoid letting water or snow stand on the Caravan Cover
  • Always tie down cover securely
  • Pad areas that could snag or tear the cover before installing
  • Treat the fabric with High Tech Fabric Guard
  • Clean the Fabric with our 303 Fabric Cleaner
  • Allow the cover to dry completely before folding for storage
  • Never use the cover when towing your caravan.


Guide to approximate Cover weights for Ultimate and Ultimate Plus Covers in KG's, no allowance made for zipper and straps weight, the list below is an estimate on the cover weight


12/13ft 10 7
14/15ft 11 8
16/17ft 11 9
18/19ft 12 9
20/21ft 13 10
22/23ft 14 10
24/25ft 15 11
26ft 16 12
27ft 17 13

Download Installation Instructions

Mould and Mildew is not covered by warranty and care should be taken to treat this is if happens to your cover

Cleaning and Care Instructions

All Ultimate caravan covers are rolled and packaged with the front end of the cover to the outside.  The tag on the front end is sewn to the outside of the cover for easy identification.

Your Ultimate Caravan cover will provide you with years of service if you take precautions of examining your cover for sharp areas that could tear the cover such as mirrors, awnings, mounts etc.  Taking a few moments to pad these areas before installing the cover will extend the life of the cover. A heavy duty reinforcement kit is provided with each Caravan Cover.

Install the cover as follows:

  • Place the rolled cover on the front end of the roof
  • Roll the cover to back end of the roof
  • Working from front to back, spread the cover to the side edges of the roof
  • From the ground use a stepladder and work front front to back to pull the cover down over the sides of the caravan, adjust to fit as necessary
  • Before securing the elasticized hems you may wish to use the included reinforcement / repair kit to add protection to the stress areas
  • Secure the elasticized hems under the front and rear end of the caravan and connect each strap to the quick release buckle on the opposite side of the cover. All covers also have an adjustable strap system attached to the front of the until to provide a more secure fit
  • Covers also have 45cm / 18" straps attached to at the bottom of each side to make the cover more secure. Connect each strap to the quick release buckle above it and adjust it
  • The top of the door panel contains hook and loop fastener tape so that the door panel can be rolled up and secured when not in use


Please note your Caravan Cover is for Storage only. Do not attempt to travel with the cover installed or partially on. Also contact with hot surfaces such as exhaust systems will damage the cover fabric


Always take care when installing the cover, particularly when standing on the step ladder for installation, walking on the cover may cause you to slip. If possible installing with two people is reccomended


The cover can be cleaned by using a solution of mild soap and water with a soft brush, or by using our fabric cleaning products. Cover must be completely dry before being folded away for storage.


In order to achieve the maximum lifespan from the cover material some level of care and maintenance is required. This information to all types of covers used for protective purposes. The material used to make the ultimate covers is a solution dyed material that is treated with state of the ART mould, mildew and uv inhibitors but these do require some maintenance. If a cover material becomes dirty then mould spores can latch onto the dirty surface on top of the material and they can grow on the dirt which can eventually cause damage to the material. In order to prevent this from happening you should inspect the cover from time to time and when required clean the cover surface of any dirt to prevent there from being a place that the mould can grow. After cleaning the material, we recommend using one our 303 cleaning products the material should be then be treated after cleaning with fabric guard. 303 products will not damage the material and following these care instructions will ensure your cover lasts above and beyond its warranty period and for the longest lifespan.

Download Installation Instructions

Mould and Mildew is not covered by warranty and care should be taken to treat this is if happens to your cover

Cleaning and Care Instructions

Please view our Standard Coverworld Terms before ordering.

Open Coverworld Terms Here

There is a lot of information on our Terms page, please read them and feel free to ask any questions, we have friendly sales staff ready to take your call or send us an email

Please view our Ultimate RV Cover Warranty details before ordering.

Open Warranty Information Here

  • Ultimate Caravan Cover 13ft (Full Size or Pop Top with Top stored up)
  • RV Tie Down Kit | Pack of 4 Straps
  • Not Required
  • Not Required
  • Not Required
  • 303 High Tech Fabric Guard 32oz / 946ml
  • Not Required
  • Yes

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