SunCover for 12ft Caravan Made to Order

Suncover Caravan Cover - 12ft Maximum Overall Length

australian made caravan cover


Marine Canvas designed for Australia's Intense UV Conditions, Custom Made for your Caravan


  • Custom Fit, shaped to fit your vans Contours and Shaping
  • No Joins across the Cover, made from Solid Secure Panels, gives the cover increased strength from Tears and Water penetration
  • Zip On Design developed by our company this design is the easiest installation cover, no need for poles or dragging the cover
  • Supplied with Tie Down Straps, Securing straps and Heavy Duty reinforcement to protect sharp areas on your Van
  • Optionally add a Zip our door panel into your cover or a Custom Made Drawbar cover
  • 10 Year UV Fabric Warranty, Super Durable material


Suncover for Caravans up to 365cm | 12ft Suncover | 10 Year Warranty

Suncover for Caravans up to 365cm | 12ft Suncover | 10 Year Warranty

Additional Information

Brand Coverworld SunCover Range - This is a Coverworld Exclusive Cover - Buy this cover with confidence Built to last
* Exceptional Quality True Loom Woven Fabric with State of the Art UV, Mould, Mildew & Water Inhibitors, Fabric is capable of significantly extending lifespan past 10 years if properly looked after and maintanined
* Australian Made Cover the fabric is made by one of the worlds leading textile mills the fabric is used and trusted by worldwide for its exceptional UV qualities
* 10 Year UV Fabric Guarantee the best Guarantee in the Coverworld RV Covers range, fabric is trusted worldwide by Marine Trimmers it has exceptional UV resistance properties
* Manufactured using Exceptional Quality Components, Supplied with Heavy Canvas reinforcing kit to protect sharp areas
* 10 Year Warranty
Material 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic
Shipping Made to Order Lead time depends on Season TBA
Suncover for Caravans up to 365cm | 12ft Suncover | 10 Year Warranty

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Download SunCover Brochure

This cover design provides the easiest installation method
RV Suncover for Full Size Caravan or Pop Top with top stored up

  • Made to Order for your Full Size Van up to 365cm exterior length
  • Custom Made to Order for your specific Caravan
  • Side Height up to 240cm
  • Reinforced Roof Line on both Sides
  • Heavy duty PVC skirt on bottom of the side panels
  • Coverworld Exclusive Design - Three Piece Zip on Cover
  • Our covers are made from solid woven panels and do not use joined together pieces of fabric providing added strength
  • Optional removable door panel, drawbar cover, wheel covers and rear spare tyre covers
  • Custom patterned cut out for your caravan body profile for better fit - better shaping provides cover longevity
  • SunCovers include heavy duty reinforcement kit for protection from any sharp objects
  • Includes Pack of 3 Extra Long Tie Down Straps for extra securing as well as Bottom securing straps
  • SunCovers are shaped to fit based on the side profile shape of your Caravan
  • 10 Year UV Fabric Warranty

This cover is made to order for your Full size Van or Pop Top with the Top stored up caravan and we will require a Photo of your van and will request some specific measurements in order to make the cover

Did you know we have been manufacturing RV Covers in Australia since 2007 and have helped protect thousands of Van Owners from Weather Damage. Our covers are made with High Quality Components, The Design has been carefully thought and is a tried, tested and trusted system that provides an excellent solution to van cover installation with the 3 piece zip on design

Compare to other manufacturers price our covers offer exceptional value for money, manufactured from the very best quality fabric, we have seen covers made in Australia from a very similar Acrylic Canvas for nearly $500 more than our SunCover price

What are SunCovers made from?

Suncovers are manufactured from a True Loom Woven Acrylic which is solution dyed and treated with State of the Art Advanced, UV, Mould and Mildew Inhibitors.

Are SunCovers suitable for all Weather Conditions?

SunCovers are not best suited to high wind conditions they are excellent for UV and Intense Sun Conditions but if you store your Van in a particularly windy location then its not the best cover to choose, the StormCover is best for Sun and Wind conditions

Is the Fabric thick and Heavy?

The SunCover material weighs approximately 300gsm per square metre of Fabric.  Due to the zip on cover design of SunCovers for Caravans and Motorhomes the weight is manageable as you install each cover panel seperately.

What Colours are the SunCovers.

SunCovers are available a colour called Linen, image is shown on the products description

Are SunCovers a 1 piece or 3 piece RV cover?

The product description shows if the cover is a one or three piece cover for all large RV;s its always best to have a zip on cover design but for smaller items a zip on design is not required

Can one person install the cover?

Normally one person should be able to install the SunCover but it will be easier to do with two people.  Usually the first installation takes the longest but after it has been done a few times it will become easier, particularly because of the three piece zip on design.

How long does it take to put the cover on?

For Caravans and Motorhomes allowing approximately 30 minutes should be sufficient, however you will probably find that your first installation is quite time consuming and you will get faster on subsequent applications.

 How much does a SunCover Weigh?

The table below gives an approximate weight for each section of the SunCover when made as a Full Cover


RV Length Sides Weight Roof Weight
12/13ft 4.8 7
14/15ft 4.8 8
16ft 4.8 8
17/18ft 4.8 9
19/20ft 4.8 9
21ft 4.8 9
22/23ft 4.8 10
24/25ft 4.8 10
26ft 4.8 11


The table below gives an approximate weight for each section of the Sun Hat


Hat Length Total
12/13ft 5
14/15ft 5
16ft 5.5
17/18ft 6
19/20ft 6.5
21ft 7
22/23ft 7
24/25ft 7.5
26ft 8
26ft 8.5


Standard Features of the SunCovers

  • Excellent Quality Material and Construction
  • Three Piece zip on Design for full size Van and Motorhome Covers
  • Marine Grade Breathable Fabric to help release any moisture or trapped condensation
  • Made for your Specific RV
  • Heavy duty Tie Down Straps
  • All Caravan and Motorhome covers provided with Heavy Duty Reinforcement Kit to protect stress points such as around aerials and awnings
  • 3 Colour Choices
  • Heavy duty zippers (when used)
  • 7 Year Warranty * Please read detailed information about the warranty

How long is the warranty?

We offer a 7 year warranty on the material used for the SunCover range, please read our warranty details. 

The fabric must be properly looked after and maintained in order to acheive above and beyond its warranty period.  The fabric should be cleaned with either 303 cleaner or Simple green cleaner, after cleaning the surface of the material should be treated with an application of High Tech Fabric Guard.

What can I do to prolong the life of my SunCover Cover?

  • Avoid letting water or snow stand on the Cover
  • Always tie down cover securely
  • Pad areas that could snag or tear the cover before installing
  • Treat the fabric with High Tech Fabric Guard
  • Clean the Fabric with our 303 Fabric Cleaner
  • Allow the cover to dry completely before folding for storage
  • Never use the cover when towing your caravan or Motorhome
  • The cover material must be properly maintained according to our detailed care instructions

What happens if my cover tears is this covered by warranty?

No, you should take adequate steps in order to prevent rubbing from sany sharp or protrruding objects that can cause damage or wear to the material.  All RV Suncovers are provided with one complimentary reinforcement patch that can be used to patch sharp areas, extra patches are available to order. You should also take care to cover sharp objects as tearing caused by stress points on your RV is not covered under warranty and it is your responsbility to ensure that these are areas are adequately padded to stop them from pushing through the material.  A reinforcement patch is included with many covers, or they are available to purchase in addition to your cover purchase.

Is every part of the Suncover covered by the 7 year warranty?

No, we guarantee that the Suncover material will continue to provide cover protection for at least the 7 year period as long as the material is properly looked after and maintained.  The components such as zippers are only covered for manufacturing defectes for a period of 12 months afer the cover is made, damage caused to any other cover parts caused by usage is not covered under warranty.

The straps on the cover are not covered by the 7 year warranty you may need to have them replaced after some amount of years, extra tie down straps for RV covers are available to purchase seperately.

For example you should take care to use the zips properly and to make sure that the protective lauer of hook and loop with webbing is always protecting the zipper, failure to do so may cause dirt to get into the zipper or other elements to damage the zipper.

You should follow cleaning instructions for SunCovers material, embedded dirt can cause damage to the material and cause the material to not last its full lifespan, we recommend 303 cleaning and fabric guard for your SunCovers

Which Colour should I choose for my SunCover?

The lightest colour is the Linen, so it will stay the coolest, but it can show the dirt.  This is the colour that we normally always have available.  The Linen looks particuarly good against most homes as it blends in very well to the surroundings.

The Charcoal is quite a dark grey colour so it will look quite dark on the van, it wont show the dirt as much as the linen, but ingrained dirt can cause deteroriation of the material so if you want to be able to see the dirt choose the Linen.

The Black will be the hottest colour so its not ideal for vans in a very hot location but may be well suited to under shade, as above you will not able to easily see the dirt with the black material.

Colour choice your preference.

Is the fabric abrasive?

The material is not abrasive and should not cause scratching to RV's however you should check with the RV manufacturer about the coating applied to your vehicle or any special top coat treatments that could be affected by coverage.  It is important to be aware that heavily polished RV's may lose their shine from being covered as cover touching a wax or coating treatment could cause this to dull.  It is your responsibility to check the specific pain and surface coating on your RV.


You can download the Caravan Cover Fitting Instructions for a Suncover caravan


Please view our Standard Coverworld Terms before ordering.

Open Coverworld Terms Here

There is a lot of information on our Terms page, please read them and feel free to ask any questions, we have friendly sales staff ready to take your call or send us an email

Please read the SunCover detailed warranty with the Link below Click Here to Read the SunCover 7 Year Limited Warranty Details

  • 12ft / 365cm SunCover
  • Yes
  • Not Required
  • Suncover Linen
  • Suncover Stone
  • I Require a Removeable Zip Out Door
  • Not Required
  • Draw Bar WITHOUT Stone Guard Custom Cover
  • Draw Bar WITH Stone Guard Custom Cover
  • Not Required
  • 303 High Tech Fabric Guard 32oz / 946ml
  • Not Required
  • Not Required
  • Yes

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