430cm to 460cm | 15ft Stormcover Caravan Cover | Hail Protection Cover

Caravan Hail Storm Protection Cover - 15ft Van

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Excellent Hail Protection - Excellent UV Protection - Easy to Install - Custom Shaped for your Van - Unique and Exclusive Design


  • Made for your Specific Caravan following the contours of your Van no loose flapping material that needs to be wrapped around for fitment
  • No zippers across the van, roof line is a solid panel without joins, stops water penetrating the roof
  • No fabric lining on the cover which can become mouldy when getting wet, smooth strong inner surface that is mould preventative
  • Easy to Put On the Cover design and patterning of the cover means installation is easy, no need to try and lift the cover will poles or rods which is difficult to do
  • StormCovers are used by RV owners Australia wide and have been available for more than 10 years
  • 100% positive feedback after Storm Conditions, StormCovers have been tried, are Tested and Trusted by discerning RV owners
  • StormCovers are strong, durable, built to last and provide excellent van protection

Hail StormCover - 460cm | 15ft Full Size Caravan Cover | Hail Protection Cover

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Additional Information

Brand StormCovers
* Exceptionally UV resistant and Waterproof Polyfabric outer layer
* Full Stormcovers offer the very best in Padded Caravan protection, many StormCover owners use as an alternative to building a shed
* Unique 3 Piece zip on design developed by Stormcovers Australia
* Manufactured using the finest quality Thread, Webbing, Zippers and all Components for manufacturing Stormcovers
* 4 Year Warranty
Material StormCoverâ„¢
Shipping Made to Order Lead time depends on Season TBA
buy hail protection stormcover

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Stormcover Caravan Cover

  • Made to Fit a Maximum OVERALL LENGTH | 431cm - 460cm (14'1" - 15')
  • Made to Fit a Maximum WIDTH | up to 250cm
  • Side height up to 2100mm or can be optionally extended if you have higher sides than 2100mm, this is unusual
  • Made to Order by Stormcovers Australia
  • Super Strong, Durable Caravan Cover with built in Hail Protection
  • Completely Foam Padded providing excellent protection against impact (Hail etc)
  • StormCovers are made from solid panels and do not use joined together outer layer fabric preventing water pooling on the roof
  • Optional removable door panel, drawbar cover, wheel covers and rear spare tyre covers
  • Custom patterned cut out for your caravan body profile for better fit - better shaping provides cover longevity
  • StormCovers are manufactured using High quality components designed for use in Australian conditions
  • The " Original " StormCover manufactured in Australia for more than 10 years
  • StormCovers are made in Australian for your specific Caravan
  • Buy with Confidence | 4 Year Warranty

If you wish to cover the spare tyre then add this to the overall length and choose your length according to the length including the spare tyre, Or purchase a separate Spare Tyre Cover

We will require a side profile photo of your Caravan in order to make the cover, if you have already taken a photo you can submit t with your order, if you have not yet taken a photo we will contact you for the information

Before Placing your Stormcover Order

The foam on the sides will extend to between 210-214cm, if your van height is more than this then the extra height will be the outer layer only without foam but the sides will be fully covered. if you have a roof mounted Jack Aerial then this may also require a flap to be sewn onto the cover, the roof does not have special shaping to accommodate the Jack Aerial because the cover is made using the full width of the outer layer, therefore this lift on the cover is dealt with by adding an extra skirt or flap onto the botttom. As each Stormcover is individually made to order the pattern maker determines the best method of cover design during the manufacturing process. The price of a flap for a Jack Aerial or side mounted roof aerial is included in the cover price, see the FAQ


Can I use my stormcover for long term storage purposes?

Yes, as long you are putting the stormcover onto a clean dry vehicle, but if you put the stormcover onto a wet vehicle it will trap moisture and will cause condensation. Also if you put the stormcover onto a dirty dusty car and leave it for extended periods of time then the dust can scratch the car.

Can you make Stormcover's for any vehicle?

Yes we can make stormcover's for any Car, Caravan, Camper Trailer and 5th wheelers and Motorhomes, but we usually only go up to a maximum length of 10 metres as a a stormcover for a vehicle longer than 10 metres would be difficult to put on, we have made Stormcover's for all kinds of unusual vehicles, so please feel free to contact us with your custom requests

How thick is the foam padding?

We use a 4mm foam padding for the inner layer of all stormcover's, we cannot use a foam any thicker than this because the stormcover would then be unmanageable, we offer the best level of protection that we can within the limits of being practical. A Stormcover will take up between 30-50% of your car boot space (cars only).

For a Caravan or Motorhome Stormcover the foam thickness has been carefully considered, it would be unpractical to use a thicker foam for cover installation.  The Stormcover is already large in size, not heavy in weight and we will not make it any thicker otherwise you would have great difficulty installing the cover.  We have been told by some of our customers about extreme difficulty of installing some other manufacturers covers, in one instance we were told that it took 3 people to install just one caravan cover.

Some other covers have zippers across the roof line, why dont StormCover work like this?

Simply put, our cover design is the easiest for installation and our cover design pattern follows the contours of your caravan or motorhome.  We do not do any joins across the roof line or any cut outs in the roof section as water will leak through this area and it will lead to posisble mould build up under the cover, moisture under a warm dark place is moulds best friend. 

Do you have roof mounted Jack Aerial that is close to edge of the roof line?

If you have an aerial mounted on the roof edge of your caravan it may be necessary to have an extension flap joined onto the bottom of the cover.  If you measure up and over your roof line including aerial and it is not more than 250cm then you dont need an extension.  But if it is longer than 250cm then we recommened adding an extension flap to the bottom of the cover.  The reason we add an extension on the bottom of the cover rather than the top where the aerial is is because the side zippers must be the same length so we cannot make an extension on the top of the cover where the aerial is or the zippers will not work together.  The extension flap does not have the foam padding but is the outer layer StormCover™.  The extension is needed rather the entire cover being made longer because we still need to make the securing straps positioned under the van bottom edge to wrap around securely, if we added the securing straps to a much lower position cover its not possible to easily secure the cover when fitted.

Is the Stormcover totally waterproof?

With the 3 layers combined the cover is totally waterproof. The outer layer is a tough UV laminated poly fabric and the inner foam layer is 100% waterproof, with a third layer of protective film joined to the foam to prevent tearing and damage, with the three combined layers you have a waterproof Stormcover. Where there are zippers in very heavy rain very small trickles of water might pass through the two outer protective layers over the zip and then onto the vehicle but this is a small amount of water which will quickly fall off of the vehicle.

If you own a Caravan, Camper Trailer or Motorhome then a Stormcover will give you absolute peace of mind. Offering more than Hail protection, many RV owners buy Stormcovers as an alternative to putting up a shed, they cost considerably less than a shed and are portable. Stormcovers provide a protective shell that will keep your RV in new condition, not only protecting from the weather but also retaining resale value.

In the lining of the cover material?

No, we have looked into the possibility of adding a fabric layer under the cover but have not put this onto the cover as we beleive it will become mouldy from the occasions it gets wet and then whilst being under the cover in the dark and the warmth.  We have been told of this problem with some other manufacturers covers.  At StormCovers each component has been carefully thought about before being used on the covers

For all Caravans and Motorhomes Stormcovers are manufactured using our own three piece zip on design cover. This makes Stormcovers manageable to take off and on, most people are able to put on a Stormcover alone without any assistance.



In the first instance we require an exact side profile photo of your Caravan, we will use this photo to create the pattern.

If you are unable to take a direct side profile photo with your Caravan or Pop Top Caravan in its current location you will need to pull the van out to take the photo.

A photo provided taken at an angle will result in the pattern being distorted and the measurements will not work for the pattern


In order to detemine the price of your Caravan or Pop Top Stormcover you need the measure the overall exterior measurement at the longest point, if you wish to include your Spare Tyre into the cover design then measure to this point for the correct pricing.

Do not refer to your manufactures brochures or handbooks as in many instances these documents provide information on interior lengths, not exterior.


Once you have sent the photo to us will mark on the photo some specific angles for you to measure, if you are unable to do these we can work from simply length and height but its easier for us to detemine the accuracy of the pattern if you also provide the measurements as per image 3 on the gallery above.


When providing us with the Caravan measurements for your Stormcover do not add anything to any of the measurements you take, we will be adding to the size when we make the pattern.

The measuring is best done with two people which will stop the measuring tape from falling down and giving and incorrect overall measurement.

All Stormcovers for Caravans and Pop Tops are manufactured approximately 20cm longer than the actual RV unit and also and are made wider, a Stormcover will not fit like a glove, they are not designed to be tight fitting.

Also each pattern is individually hand cut and some discrepancies can occur in the measurements this is to be expected with covers of this size and does not make them inferior in design or functionality if a cover is a bit longer or bit shorter than our estimated 20cm extra on the length.

Important Information about Perspex Windows on RV's

perspex and polycarbonate windows are the current trend windows being used by RV manufacturers, they offer a light weight window with good strength, but they are highly susceptible to scratching.  This is a known problem with Perspex and polycarbonate windows and we advise all Rv cover customers to take extra precautions to protect the highly senstive windows. 

We have spoken to RV owners who have new vans that have never been covered and hardly used that have already develeoped scratches on the windows, they are a problem area and you should protect them.

Due to this being a known global problem some companies have developed anti stantic treatments and polishses to try to alleiviate the problems of very easy scratching, note these companies and products exist because of the problems these windows have. It is your responsibility to make sure your windows are protected, and protective care should be carried out when your RV is covered or uncovered.


You can download the fitting instructions for Stormcovers Stormcover-Fitting-Instructions.pdf

Stormcover Fitting Instructions for Caravans and RV's

1)Unpack the Stormcoverroof and sides next to your Caravan or Motorhome

2)Roll the Roof Section over the roof of your Caravan or Motorhome

3) Secure the roof section in position with the straps sewnonto the Stormcover

4 Zip the sides of theStormcover onto the roof section and pressdown hook and loopprotective strip

5) If you have ordered aseperate door panelthis can be fully zipped out for easy RV access

For complete RV coverage seperate draw bar covers canbe made for yourCaravan or Motorhome

We also have Tyre Covers, Spare Wheel Covers, Hitch / drawbar covers (Grey Colour Only) and Gas Bottle Covers, travel and storage designs

When installaing a Stormcover you may find it easier to install with a friend, in general application time is apprximately 20 to 30 minutes.  You will need a step-ladder in order to roll out the roof section across your RV roof.  Do not walk on th Stormcover once it is installed it may be slippery.

The Stormcover should never be used when you are towing your RV even for short distances or very low speeds.

Stormcover Fitting Instructions for Cars

Stormcovers should always be installed onto a clean vehicle for long term storage situations

Unroll the Stormcover over the roof line of your car and secure with the 3 provided straps and buckles

Vehicles should never be towed with a Stormcover installed

Care and Maintenance

It is important to keep the surface of your Stormcover reasonably clean but it should never be washed with a pressure washer such as a Gerni, this harsh cleaning method will damage the UV lamination and could significantly reduce the lifespan of your cover.  The cover should be genblty wiped down with a soft cloth and a mild soapy solution without any harsh chemicals, just plain water is okay.

The inner foam lining is sensitive and should be handled carefully, it can become damaged and extra care should be taken around stress points.

In general Stormcovers are mostly maintenance free and if you look after your cover it will provided you with many years of protection.


Please view our Standard Stormcover Terms before ordering.

Open Stormcovers Terms Here

You can read the full details of the StormCovers warranty by following the link below


View StormCovers warranty Information
  • Stormcover Full Size Van 15ft
  • I have a Jack Aerial Mounted on Side of Roof and Require an Extension Flap sewn on both sides of the cover
  • I do not have a Side Mounted Jack Aerial on Side of Roof
  • The side height of my Van is higher than 2100mm and I require all of my Caravans Side Height to be covered with a Cover Extension
  • I am not sure if the side height extends past 2100mm after my van dimensions have been provided I would like to be advised if a side height extension is required for Full Side Height Coverage
  • I understand the standard side height is 2100mm and in some cases a few centimetres can be exposed on the bottom of my van which I am do not need to have covered
  • I am already having a Side Height Extension because I have a Side Roof Mounted Jack Aerial
  • I Require a Removeable Zip Out Door
  • Not Required
  • Custom Made Drawbar Cover (without Stoneguard) (Polyfabric Material)
  • Custom Made Drawbar Cover with Stoneguard (Polyfabric Material)
  • Not Required
  • 303 Aerospace Protectant 32oz / 946ml
  • Not Required
  • I would like to have my rear spare tyre / tyres covered
  • Not Required
  • Not Required
  • Yes

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