custom Made Hat Roof Cover for Motorhome

600cm SunHat Length | Sunbrella® 5 Year Warranty

600cm SunHat Length | Sunbrella® 5 Year Warranty

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Part # RV-SUNHAT-600CM
Brand Coverworld exclusive Cover
* Exceptional Quality True Loom Woven Fabric with State of the Art UV, Mould, Mildew & Water Inhibitors
* Australian Made Cover the fabric is made by the worlds leading anti UV textile mill. This cover is suitable for extreme UV conditions and has excellent tear resistance
* Astra® is trusted worldwide by Marine Trimmers it has exceptional UV resistance properites.
* All components used are excellent quality
* 5 Year Warranty
Material 3 - SUNC - Solution Dyed Acrylic
Shipping Made to Order Lead time depends on Season TBA

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600cm SunHat Length | Sunbrella® 5 Year Warranty

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RV SunHat for Caravan

  • SIDE HEIGHT | 100cm
  • 7 Year Warranty

Price is calculated on the actual Length of the Sun Hat not the Caravan Length, we can check this

You can optionally add zippered access for the door but you can simply lift the cover up to gain access whilst the cover is on the Caravan, You can optionally choose to have roll up zippered access for an additional $60.00

We have been able to reduce the price because we can now source wider fabric which means less fabric use, less waste and less manufacturing time

Now made with Astra - same manufacturer as Sunbrella

RV Hats for Motorhomes and Caravans

RV Hats offer excellent protection your Motorhome or Caravan Roofline

What are RV Hats Made from?

We offer RV Hats in 2 Fabric Selections.

1) SunCover is the worlds leading Marine Fabric we offer a 7 Year Warranty on all SunCover covers.  This fabric is Strong and Durable it is designed to for all Weather Condtions, it has excellent Mould, Mildew and UV Inhibitors, the Fabric has excellent Water repellency Properties and can last for many years in the most extreme of Weather Conditions.  The SunCovers covers are normally made in Linen (beige) or Charcoal, others colours may be available by special order.

2) Stormcovers are strong and durble with a foam lining throughout the entire cover, they offer excellent UV protection and also impact protection because of the foam inner lining.  Stormcovers are ideally suited for Pop Top Caravans or smaller caravans, they can be hard to intall on Large / High Motorohomes and we dont reccomend them for regular removal and installation situations, Stormcovers are really designed to sit on the RV as a long term storage Cover.  Stormcover hats are foam padded across the roof line, the sides are the outer layer only without foam padding.

Do RV Hats have zippers?

Normally you do not need to have zippers on the RV Hats, however on the Stormcovers they come with a zipper on the top seam that extends to past the nar side door so you can zunzip to this point for access.

For the fabric covers you dont normally need zippered access, however we can put in zippers so that the section around the door can be rolled up, extra charges apply for this acess point.


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