Bowrider with Walk Through Transom Boat Cover up to 808cm (26'6") Beam 259cm (102") | 7 Year Warranty | Sunbrella®

Due to COVID-related supply shortages, Sunbrella fabric is currently Unavailable for Carver boat covers. Outdura fabric Link to This Fabric Information which is another industry leading solution that is also highly UV and mildew resistant, water repellent and offers excellent resistance to fading and rot, with a 10 Year Limited Warranty that is 100% backed by Carver – is offered as an alternative and will be used instead of Sunbrella if you place an order for this product

Bowrider with Walk Through Transom Boat Cover up to 808cm (26'6") Beam 259cm (102") | 7 Year Warranty | Sunbrella®

durable quality travel trailerable bowrider cover walk through 78126a

Additional Information

Part # BOAT-STF-V-78126A
Brand Carver Made in USA
* Styled to Fit Cover in High Quality Solution Dyed Marine Acrylic Canvas. Sunbrella® is excellent for the most intense UV conditions its exceptionally durable, breathable, highly water repellent and provide the highest level of UV protection
* Designed for Travel / Trailering and Storage
* Trusted High Quality Used by Marine Trimmers Worldwide
* Beautiful Colour Choices, Colour match your cover to your boats style choose neutral Grey Colours, wide range of Blue, Navy, Greens, Red and Black. See FAQ about colour selection
* 7 Year Warranty * Read Warranty Information
Material Sunbrella® Marine Acrylic
Shipping Made to Order in USA usually dispatched from Sunshine Coast within 28 days
durable quality travel trailerable bowrider cover walk through 78126a

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SunBrella® | 7 Year Warranty | 9.25oz Strongest and most Durable Marine Fabric

Boat Style : Bowrider with Walk Through Transom
Styled to Fit Boat Cover = Semi Custom Fit

Styled to Fit Boat Cover Features
  • OVERALL LENGTH | up to 808cm (26' 6")
  • MAXIMUM BEAM | 259cm (102")
  • Fabric weight 9.25oz
  • Accomodates Hand / Bow rails up to 20cm / 8"
Sunbrella® Boat Cover Features
  • Made to order in the USA
  • Fabric Weight : 9.25oz
  • Tear Strength : Excellent
  • Top of the range Material : Highly UV and mildew resistant. Excellent resistance to fading and rot
  • Manufactured with Sunbrella® Marine Acrylic Canvas
  • Sunbrella Fabric perfectly suited to Australian conditions
  • Styled to Fit Boat Cover
  • 20 Colour Choices
  • 7 Year Warranty*

Manufactured using Sunbrella® which is the highest quality loom woven solution dyed acrylic material in our boat cover range, manufactured by Glen Raven Mills in the USA

How to select the correct size cover

Refer to the Diagram that illustrates how to measure your boat to select the correct length cover. You should measure the centreline of your boat (straight line measurement (not up and over the boat) including swim platform if you have one and the beam measurement across the boat

  • Boat Centreline Measurement (not up and over the windscreen)
  • Include rear transom in your length
  • Include rear grab handles if you have them
  • Include bow pulpit if you have one
Cover and Optional Accessories

Styled to Fit boat covers are excellent for travel, mooring and storage (unless otherwise noted in the description) They are not a fully custom fit cover but a Semi Custom fit cover designed for the style of boat, not the specific individual boat model

You can optionally purchase the Reinforcement / repair patch to reinforce at key stress points to provide extra durability to your boat cover. This is recommended to do, as wear and tear caused by usage or any sharp objects on the cover is not covered by warranty, reinforcing at stress points will increase the life span of the cover

The Photos are for illustrative purposes only and are not necessarily the exact model. Information about the fitment such as the bowrails where the cover is matched to your specific boat then its matched to factory standard mdoels, if you have changed any of your boats fittings then you should contact us, but for all made to order boat covers we will contact you to confirm boat details prior to manufacturing the cover

Prior to Ordering your Boat Cover Information

As this cover is made to order please order carefully as made to order covers cannot be returned due to order error or change of mind

* Read the Description, FAQ, Warranty, Instructions and Terms before placing your order and please contact us if you need assistance choosing the correct cover for your boat Coverworld have a sales team ready to help with your cover enquiries and assist you in choosing the best cover for your boat

What does Styled to Fit Mean?

Styled to Fit Covers offer a Semi Custom Fit Boat Pattern for the style of boat. There are a wide of boat cover styles available to suit most popular boats being used in Australia. The Styled to Fit Covers range are not made specifically for one exact boat model but instead for a boat style and size, the range of styles, lengths and beam widths available means there is a Styled to Fit Pattern available for almost every boat model

Do you have Custom Fit Boat Covers available for my Boat?

There are many custom fit Boat Cover patterns available for USA boat manufacturers models. Carver Industries are based in the USA so their custom patterns are for boats that are available in the USA and are not unfortunately available for specifically Australian manufactured boats. Styled to Fit covers are available for most Australian manufactured boats

Whats the difference between Styled to Fit and Custom Fit Boat Covers?

A custom fit boat cover pattern is only suitable for the specific boat model it is listed for and cannot be used for any other model. With a custom fit cover you are guaranteed a perfect for your boat model but the covers are designed for factory standard models, in some cases a specific aftermarket fitting may be mentioned in the cover design, for example a specific brand of wake / ski tower, in this case the cover is custom patterned to fit that exact model with the factory fitted aftermarket item.

All Custom Fit Boat Cover Patterns not only follow the exact boat contours but also where needed are reinforced at key stress points which is designed to give the cover the longest life span and protection from damage from stress areas under the cover.

Whenever a Custom Fit Cover is available we always recommend selecting the custom fit cover for your Boat.

There are some optional products that I can order do I need to add them to my order?

Depending on the specific model or cover we may from time to time run promotions and special offers, in some cases we offer Free accessories to go wih the cover, please make sure that you select them with your Order.  Standard Optional Accessories include Tie Down Straps, Storage Bag, Support System and Reinforcement Patch as well as care and maintenance products

Can I use a Bimini with a Styled to Fit, Semi Custom Fit Boat Cover or a Custom Fit Cover?

Yes, you can use any design of Bimini that folds down flush onto the sides of the boat when not being used. If your Bimini is raised at an angle when stored away it may not be suitable for a Styled to Fit or Custom Fit Cover

There are a range of Materials available which fabric should I choose?

All of the materials available with Carver Boat Covers are specifically designed for Marine Use and are perfectly suited to boat protection, all of the materials are breathable and all offer excellent protection. Warranties range between 3 and 7 years and with proper care and maintenace lifespans can be extended

Carver boat cover fabrics are treated with the latest technologies in water repellency in a range of Superior to Excellent, to keep your boat healthy and happy. It is important to use a Breathable fabric to care for your boat to prevent build up of condensation, moisture, mould and mildew under and / or on the cover

The fabrics available are Marine Grade Polyester and Marine Grade Acrylic, with Sunbrella® being the top of the range fabric that is used globally by marine trimmers, Sunbrella® is a highly fade resistant acrylic canvas. Some of the fabrics are exclusive to Carver Covers such as PolyGuard® and SunDura® which are also excellent choices in boat protection

All of the fabrics available in the Styled to Fit and Custom Fit range are suitable for Australian conditions however Australia does have very intense UV and the Sunbrella® fabric is the most durable of all of the materials available

Can I use the Cover for Trailering / Travel?

Styled to Fit and Custom Fit Boat Covers are suitable for Travel and Trailering as long as they are properly tied down, unless specifically stated in the cover description. Its always best to get the best fit cover available for your boat if you want to use it for a lot of Trailering and Travel

Why is the price of your Custom Fit Boat Covers so much less than I have been quoted by a Local Marine Trimmer?

Simply because the patterns have been created and computer generated so each pattern is automatically cut by laser cutting technology, no need for a Trimmer to hand cut out each part of the cover.  Also Carver make many thousands of Boat Covers annually so their vast buying power means they get the finest quality fabrics at excellent prices, those bulk buying discounts get passed onto you the customer.

 Is there any difference in quality in your covers or buying a cover from a Local Marine Trimmer?

 No: Definitely not, the quality and workmanship of all our Custom Fit Covers offers you same level of exact and specific pattern and shaping customisation as you would expect from a local marine trimmer.  The custom fit boat covers show you the Tailored fit and the quality.  The covers are also backed up with 3, 4 and 7 year warranties depending on your fabric selection.

 I would like a cover that will come down the Hull of my Boat can the covers be made for this?

We dont offer a cover that is an all over cover with the hull cover built into it but you can choose a matching Boat Cover designed to cover the hull of your boat and protect it from the damaging effects of UV. Boat Skirts are not designed for Travel and can be used for Storage purposes only.

Which colour cover should I choose?

All of the covers in the Styled to Fit and Custom Fit range are made from fabrics with high levels of fade resistance, Sunbrella® being the most fade resistant fabric. There are many colours to choose from across all of the fabric ranges but Carver Covers in the USA recommened choosing a light colour for best deflection of the sun and to keep the interior of the boat as cool as possible. Note that colour fade is not covered by warranty

Is every boat cover pattern available listed on the Coverworld website?

The Coverworld website is updated daily with new products, patterns and models and not all of the patterns available are currently listed. Specifically if you have a USA manufactured boat or a style of boat that you cannot find on our line drawing images please contact us so that we can find a suitable cover for your boat from our pattern database

Will the cover go over my Outboard Motor?

For all boats with an outboard motor the cover is either designed with an attached motor pocket as part of the cover design or in some cases a seperate motor cover is provided. If you do not have an outboard motor then make sure you select the Inboard style cover for your boat. The motor cover will be made to cover the largest motor allowed on the boat by law. (USA laws)

How do I care for my Boat Cover?

There are a number of recommendations to prolog the lifespan of your Boat Cover including use the Boat Cover support system to prevent excess pooling of water on the fabric.

A boat Cover reinforcement kit is available which can be used to protect sharp areas on your boat that could cause stress on the boat cover material, tears on the fabric caused by any extrusions on the boat or any part of the

When trailering or storing yor boat with the cover on it use the Tie Down Kit to prevent damage to the cover.

Never wash the boat cover in a machine, you can use a soft bristle brush for cleaning, allow the cover to dry completly before folding and storing it. 

We offer specialist cleaning products for boat covers which we reccomend using for the best quality cleanign and care results. 303 Fabric Cleaner and Fabrc Guard are recommended to be used, as Fabric Guard contains a small amount of alcohol when dispatching it will be sent seperatelty on its own consignment as dangerous good.

Never use any chemicals or cleaning solutions on your Boat Covers, this will void your warranty and can significantly reduce the lifespan of the fabric.

I am not sure which cover to choose can you help me select the correct cover?

Yes.  Nobody wants the cover ordered to be incorect so please make sure you contact us prior to ordering if you are not sure.  Its important to note that if you have bought your boat second-hand you might not realise that some aftermarket fittings are not factory standard and this could affect the fitment of the cover.

What happens if I order the wrong Styled to Fit or Custom Fit Boat Cover?

Styled to Fit Covers are manufactured to order, they cannot be returned so please order carefully.  If you are not sure if the Styled to Fit Boat cover is correct for your Boat then please contact us prior to placing an order, Coverworld have cover experts ready to help with your boat cover enquiries and we want to make sure you get the right and best cover for your boat. 

Once an order has been submitted for manufacturing to Carver in the USA it is not possible to cancel it.

Boat Cover Fitting Instructions

Boat Cover Fitting Instructions

Please view our Standard Coverworld Terms before ordering.

Open Coverworld Terms Here

There is a lot of information on our Terms page, please read them and feel free to ask any questions, we have friendly sales staff ready to take your call or send us an email

Please view our Styled to Fit and Custom Fit Boat Cover Warranty details before ordering.


Carver Covers warranty is a limited warranty depending on the material selected



Carver Styled to Fit boat Covers are from High Qualty Marine Fabrics and with proper care and maintenance will provide many years of Boat Protection. Its important to read the Warranty Information about Carver Boat Covers

  • Bowrider with Walk Through Transom 807cm / 26'6" Styled to Fit Boat Cover : Sunbrella® : 7 Year Warranty
  • Sunbrella® | Natural
  • Sunbrella® | Silver
  • Sunbrella® | Cadet Grey
  • Sunbrella® | Charcoal Grey
  • Sunbrella - Jet Black
  • Sunbrella® | Mediterranean Blue
  • Sunbrella® | Pacific Blue
  • Sunbrella® | Royal Blue
  • Sunbrella® | Ocean Blue
  • Sunbrella® | Marine Blue
  • Sunbrella® | Captain Navy
  • Sunbrella® | Aquamarine
  • Sunbrella® | Persian Green
  • Sunbrella® | Forest Green
  • Sunbrella® | Jockey Red
  • Sunbrella® | Logo Red
  • Sunbrella® | Burgundy
  • Sunbrella® | Linen
  • Sunbrella® | Toast
  • Sunbrella® | Sunflower
  • Pack of 12 Tie Down Straps Heavy Duty " FREE"  (Retail Price $29.90) - Only Free with Boat Cover Purchase
  • Mesh Storage Bag " FREE"  (Retail Price $9.95)
  • Pack of 4 - Suction Cups Tie Downs
  • Pack of 8 - Suction Cups Tie Downs
  • Sand Bag Mooring Kit : Pack of 4 Bags
  • Not Required
  • 303 Aerospace Protectant 32oz / 946ml
  • Reinforcement Patch / Repair Kit - 1 Yard Stick on Canvas (recommended to protect any stress points on the cover)
  • Boat Cover Support Pole Kit (reduces harmful effects of water pooling on fabric)
  • Not Required
  • 303 Multi Surface Cleaner 946ml | Fabric, Vinyl, Rubber, Latex Cleaner
  • 303 High Tech Fabric Guard 32oz / 946ml
  • Not Required
  • Yes

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