Malibu® Wakesetter 21 VLX with Illusion G3 Tower with Swim Platform (2010-2014) | Custom Fit Boat Cover

Maxum® 1800 SR Inboard with Extended Swim Platform (2004-2009) | Custom Fit Boat Cover | 5 Year Warranty | 9.25oz Strongest and most Durable Marine Fabric

Maxum® 1800 SR Inboard with Extended Swim Platform (2004-2009)  | Custom Fit Boat Cover | 5 Year Warranty | 9.25oz Strongest and most Durable Marine Fabric

Additional Information

Brand Carver Made in USA
* Custom Fit or Styled to Fit Cover in High Quality Solution Dyed Marine Acyrlic
* Designed for Travel / Trailering and Storage
* Trusted High Quality Used by Marine Trimmers Worldwide
* Beautiful Colour Choices
* 5 Year Warranty
Material Sun-Dura™
Shipping Made to Order in USA usually dispatched from Sunshine Coast within 28 days
Maxum® 1800 SR Inboard with Extended Swim Platform (2004-2009)  | Custom Fit Boat Cover | 5 Year Warranty | 9.25oz Strongest and most Durable Marine Fabric

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Maxum® 1800 SR Inboard with Extended Swim Platform (2004-2009) SunBrella® | 5 Year Warranty | 9.25oz Strongest and most Durable Marine Fabric

Boat Manufacturer : Maxum®
Model : 1800 SR Inboard with Extended Swim Platform
Year : 2004 - 2009
Custom Fit Boat Cover

Custom Fit Boat Cover Features
  • Reinforced at key stress points
  • Perfect Fit, same fitment as a custom made cover by a local marine trimmer
  • Tie Down Straps are included in the price
Sunbrella Boat Cover Features

  • Made to order in the USA
  • Fabric Weight : 9.25oz
  • Tear Strength : Excellent
  • Top of the range Material : Highly UV and mildew resistant. Excellent resistance to fading and rot
  • Manufactured with Sunbrella® Marine Arylic Canvas
  • Sunbrella Fabric perfectly suited to Australian conditions
  • Styled to Fit Boat Cover
  • 20 Colour Choices
  • 5 Year UV Warranty

Custom Fit boat covers are excellent for travel, mooring and storage (unless otherwise noted in the description)

Manufactured using Sunbrella® which is the highest quality loom woven solution dyed acrylic material in our boat cover range, manufactured by Glen Raven Mills in the USA

You can optionally purchase the Reinforcement / repair patch to reinforce at key stress points to provide extra durability to your boat cover

The Photos are for illustrative purposes only and are not necessarily the exact model

Note the covers on this page have been matched for the factory standard model

As this cover is made to order we will check your boats details with your before we submit this cover for manufacturing

Why is the price of your Custom Fit Boat Covers so much less than I have been quoted by a Local Marine Trimmer?


Simply because the patterns have been created and computer generated so each pattern is automatically cut by laser cutting technology, no need for a Trimmer to hand cut out each part of the cover.  Also Carver make many thousands of Boat Covers annually so their vast buying power means they get the finest quality fabrics at excellent prices, those bulk buying discounts get passed onto you the customer.


Is there any difference in quality in your covers or buying a cover from a Local Marine Trimmer?


No: Definitely not, the quality and workmanship of all our Custom Fit Covers offers you same level of exact and specific pattern and shaping customisation as you would expect from a local marine trimmer.  The custom fit boat covers show you the Tailored fit and the quality.  The covers are also backed up with 3, 4 and 5 years warranties depending on your fabric selection.


What is the Difference between Polyguard®, Sun-Dura® and Sunbrella® Fabric?

Sundura is a solution Dyed Polyster fabric, whereas Sunbrella® is a Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabric. Sundura is suitable for use whilst towing your boat, it has excellent tear strength. excellent fade resistance is highly water repellent and it wont stretch or shrink. The Sundura Boat Cover has a 4 Year Guarantee in Custom Fit Patterns, please see the Guarantee information beforder ordering this cover.

Sunbrella® is the Finest quality Marine Grade Fabric available for Boat Covers, it is designed to last and if you are going to keep your boat for very many years then this is the best cover to buy as it will provide you with many years of usage in even the most extreme weather conditions. Sunbrella Covers have a 5 year guarantee and are available in 20 stock colours but even more colour choices can be selected if you require a specific Sunbrella fabric colour, contact us for special colours. Sunbrella has the most superior UV strength and will last more than 5 years exposed to the UV. Check the Sunbrella Guarantee details before ordering this cover.


Do the Boat Cover Fabrics breath?


Yes:  Polyguard®, Sundura® and Sunbrella® are fully breathable fabrics which means that moisture inside your boat can escape through the cover and will not stay trapped inside.  This is very important for humid areas and is the best type of Boat cover material to use for your Boat.

Will the cover go over my Outboard Motor?


With all Custom Fit Boat Covers the covers are designed to accomodate the Outboard Motor if you have one, the covers for the outboard motor are either stitched onto the main boat cover or in some cases are supplied as a completely seperate cover. Custom Boat Cover patterns cannot be modified so if you have a boat with an outboard but you do not want your Custom Boat Cover to have the Outboard cover built into it you will need to contact us to see if the cover is seperate or attached.  If the standard manufacturing has the cover attached then this cannot be modified.


When the cover says custom fit does that mean it will fit my boat to the same standard as if I had a local trimmer make the Boat Cover for my Boat?


Yes:  But the standard pattern cannot be modified, so for example if you require the cover to extend down the hull of the boat then this cover range cannot be made to accomodate that requirement.  The cover photos show clearly the standard fitting of each of the custom cover types.  

I would like to have the Hull of my Boat also Covered what can be done to cover this?

Coverworld offer a range of Boat Skirts designed for this purpose

 I have a Bimini Top can I still use my Boat cover?

 Yes : The Bimini must be folded flat on the boat and the cover can go over the top of it.


How do I care for my Boat Cover?


To keep your boat cover looking great much longer make sure to support your cover using the Boat Cover support poles. Supporting your cover properly will prevent water from pooling on the cover.

When trailering or storing yor boat with the cover on it use the Tie Down Kit to prevent damage to the cover.

Never wash the boat cover in a machine, you can use a soft bristle brush for cleaning, allow the cover to dry completly before folding and storing it.

We offer specialist cleaning products for boat covers which we reccomend using for the best quality cleanign and care results.

Never use any chemicals or cleaning solutions on your Boat Covers, this will void your warranty and can significantly reduce the lifespan of the fabric.


What happens if I order the wrong Custom Fit Boat Cover?


Custom Fit Boat Covers are manufactured to order, they cannot be returned so please order carefully.  If you are not sure if the Custom Fit Boat cover is correct for your Boat then please contact us.  if you found the custom fit Cover for your boat by searaching for a cover by the Boat manufacturer then we have matched the cover to your boat model and it is suitable for the standard factory released model without any extra fittings on the boat.


I have added after market accessories to my Boat will the cover still fit?


All Custom patterns are designed for boat as they originally came out of the factory without any customer added options if you have added any fittings which affect the shape of your boat then you should contact us prior to ordering, even if you send a photo of your boat with your order you still need to detail the aftermarket fittings and ideally send photos of them as well

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Boat Cover

  • • Avoid letting water or snow stand on the boat cover - use support poles, straps, or bows.
  • • Always tie boat cover down securely.
  • • Take the precaution of padding windshield, trolling motors, depth finders, etc. before installing boat cover.
  • • Clean boat cover regularly to remove salt, pollen and environmental pollutants that could support the growth of mildew. Brush off any loose dirt or soil, then spray the cover with a solution of mild, nondetergent soap (such as Lux,Dreft, Ivory or Woolite) and cool/ warm water. A soft brush may be used on heavily soiled areas. Rinse thoroughly. If cleaning deminishes the water repellency of the cover, we recommend treating with 303 High Tech Fabric GuardTM Water Repellent.
  • • Allow boat cover to dry thoroughly before folding for storage.

Installing A Carver Boat Cover

All Carver Boat Covers are rolled and packaged with the bow end of the cover to the outside. The tag on the bow end is sewn into the inside hem of the cover. To cover your boat, proceed as follows:

      • 1) Place the bow end of the rolled cover on or near the bow of your boat and unroll towards the stern or back, positioning it down the center of the boat as you unroll.

      • 2) Slip the front of the cover over the bow and pull the cover open to the sides as you work towards the back of the boat.

      • 3) If using support poles (optional for most covers), position the poles under your cover prior to completely covering the boat. Also add any padding needed for the windshields, trolling motors, depth finders, etc.

      • 4) Adjust cover fit by pulling cover tight to eliminate sagging areas. These areas may collect standing water or snow and shorten the life of your cover.

      • 5) Using the reinforced tie-down loops, secure the cover to your trailer. When trailering, always use heavy-duty tiedowns, 1 pack supplied with all custom fit boat covers

    • 6) Remove the boat cover by folding to the center from both sides and rolling the cover from back to front. This will make it easier to repeat steps 1 thru 5 when covering your boat again. (Important: Allow the cover to dry thoroughly before folding for storage.)

Installing the Tie Down Kit to the Boat Cover

Based upon the size of your boat cover, it may not be necessary to use all of the tie down straps.In some cases you might prefer to use an extra tie down kit if so you need to order this separately with your order

    • Step 1: Thread the buckle-end of the strap through the tie down loop from back to front. Pull through approximately 12 inches and tie-off with a simple overhand knot so that the strap is secure.

    • Step 2: Guide the opposite end of the strap around the trailer from back to front.

    • Step 3: Thread the strap through the top slot in the quick release buckle from back to front,pulling the end of the strap toward you.

    • Step 4: Continue threading the strap over the center bar of the buckle and into the bottom slot of the buckle. The strap is now fully adjustable by pulling down on the loose end of webbing. Install all the straps on the cover before tightening.

    • Step 5: Be sure the cover is centered on the boat, then tighten all straps securely so that the cover is taut.

  • Step 6: Trim the straps. Leave approximately 12” of webbing for adjustability and trim off any excess using a pair of scissors. Lightly singe the cut edge of the webbing using a cigarette lighter to fuse the yarns and prevent the webbing from unraveling. DO NOT SET ON FIRE AND BE SURE TO EXTINGUISH ANY FLAMES. To remove the boat cover, simply disconnect the quick release buckles by squeezing the sides. For quick and easy re-installation of the cover, leave the straps attached to the tie-down loops. After first use, check straps for tautness. If they require adjustment, untie knot and refer to step 1.

Please view our Standard Coverworld Terms before ordering.

Open Coverworld Terms Here

There is a lot of information on our Terms page, please read them and feel free to ask any questions, we have friendly sales staff ready to take your call or send us an email

Please view our Styled to Fit and Custom Fit Boat Cover Warranty details before ordering.


Carver Covers warranty is a limited warranty depending on the material selected



Carver Styled to Fit boat Covers are from High Qualty Marine Fabrics and with proper care and maintenance will provide many years of Boat Protection. Its important to read the Warranty Information about Carver Boat Covers

  • 1800 SR Inboard with EXT Swim Platform (2004-2009) | Custom Fit Boat Cover | 5 Year Warranty - Sunbrella
  • Sunbrella® | Natural
  • Sunbrella® | Jockey Red
  • Sunbrella® | Logo Red
  • Sunbrella® | Silver
  • Sunbrella® | Cadet Grey
  • Sunbrella® | Charcoal Grey
  • Sunbrella® | Linen
  • Sunbrella® | Toast
  • Sunbrella® | Pacific Blue
  • Sunbrella® | Mediterranean Blue
  • Sunbrella® | Royal Blue
  • Sunbrella® | Ocean Blue
  • Sunbrella® | Marine Blue
  • Sunbrella® | Captain Navy
  • Sunbrella - Jet Black
  • Sunbrella® | Aquamarine
  • Sunbrella® | Persian Green
  • Sunbrella® | Forest Green
  • Sunbrella® | Sunflower
  • Sunbrella® | Burgundy
  • Not Required
  • 303 Aerospace Protectant 32oz / 946ml
  • Not Required
  • 303 Multi Surface Cleaner 946ml | Fabric, Vinyl, Rubber, Latex Cleaner
  • 303 High Tech Fabric Guard 32oz / 946ml

* Required Fields

Custom Fit Boat Cover Features

Made to order in the USA, the patterns have been expertly designed and they are precision cut with laser technology.


All Custom Fit Boat Covers in Sunbrella Fabric are supplied with Tie Down Straps and we offer a number of Boat Cover accessories including Specialist Cleaning solutions recommended for use with this High Quality Boat Cover.  Custom Fit boat Covers are designed for the specific model listed for the exact year and are not suitable for boats that have had after market fittings on them unless specifically detailed on the boat cover description, such as if a specific tower make is listed then it must be the factory installed version of this tower


  • Heavy duty 1/4″ draw rope encased in hem for easy installation and snug fit.
  • Tie down loops sewn every 60cm to 90cm for positioning cover securely.
  • Vinyl reinforcements are sewn in at stress points.
  • Motor covers are provided for outboard models, this is either built into the cover or provided as a separate motor cover.

The cover is only suitable for Trailering when properly installed using the provided Tie Down straps

Coverworld are the leading Cover supplier offering an extensive product range giving you many choices to suit your budget and cover requirements, the products we supply have innovation and continuous product improvement is our motivation. Buy with complete confidence that you are getting the best Boat Covers on the market


Note images are for illustrative purposes only and are not necessarily your specific boat model

Please order carefully Custom Fit Boat Covers are made to order and are not returnable due to ordering error, after submitting an order for a made to order boat cover we will contact you for a photo of your boat which we will submit with the manufacturing order