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Aircon Unit Cover | 105cm (L) x 145cm (H) x 35cm (D)

Aircon Unit Cover | 105cm (L) x 145cm (H) x 35cm (D)

Additional Information

Brand Coverworld Exclusive Range
* Manufactured using High Quality Solution Dyed Polyster
* Waterproof coating on the fabric and water proof treatment in the seams, breather vent built into the cover
* Heavy Duty Elasticated Hem and securing straps that wrap around the cover for excellent wind and weather resistance
* Check your aircon Unit dimensions before ordering
* 1 Year Warranty
Material Premium SD
Shipping Normally Dispatched 1-2 Days

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Aircon Unit Cover | 105cm (L) x 145cm (H) x 35cm (D)

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Protective Cover for Indoor or Outdoor Use
Fits Length up to 105cm
Fits Height up to 145cm
Fits Width up to 35cm

Manufactured Using 600 Denier Solution Dyed Polyester Material

  • Waterproof Material
  • Solution Dyed - Excellent Fade Resistance
  • Heavy Duty Securing Hem
  • Includes Tie Down / Adjustment Straps
  • Includes breather vent to help condensation escape
  • 1 Year Warranty

Superior Quality fabric designed for outdoor use, Solution Dyed, High Fade Resistance

Though the material used for manufacturing has a waterproof PU coating on it we do not guarantee that the covers are 100% waterproof. However due to the very high level of water repellency to the fabric and the manufacturing process it may be necessary to remove the cover from time to time to help prevent condensation build up inside the cover

It is recommended to consider purchasing an optional reinforcement patch kit to place over any sharp areas to protect from damage from sharp points, if your aircon unit has a smooth surface then you not need to protect the fabric. The material is 600 Denier weight and is a strong fabric but does not have rip stop properties

The colour is material is black which has been selected so that you can not visibly see a dirty looking cover material however from time to time you should wipe the material with a soft damp cloth to remove built up dirt, dirt build up cover material can diminish its life span

If your Aircon unit has sharp areas on it then you should protect them with a soft layer or our optional reinforcement patch, any damage caused by tear from sharp objects would not be covered under warranty

This covers range are designed for storage and not for when the aircon unit is being used

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