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303 Multi Surface Cleaner 946ml | Fabric, Vinyl, Rubber, Latex Cleaner

303 Multi Surface Cleaner 946ml | Fabric, Vinyl, Rubber, Latex Cleaner

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Part # TRIC-303-30207
Brand 303 Products
* Excellent Cleaning Power that is Non-toxic, biodegradable and rinses residue free
* Removes even the most stubborn stains
* Fabric maintenance program can add years of life to outdoor fabrics * we reccomend using High Tech Fabric Guard after cleaning
* Designed for all water-safe materials
* Recomended by and For all fabrics including Sunbrella®
Material 303 Products
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303 Multi Surface Cleaner 946ml | Fabric, Vinyl, Rubber, Latex Cleaner

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Outdoor woven fabrics and textiles are manufactured from a range of synthetic fibres, for example, acrylic and polyester which are made especially for outdoor use. These breathable outdoor fabrics are made “ water repellent” by being treated via a chemical process during manufacturing. The finished treated fabric repels water by causing it to bead and simply roll off of the material which protects against both water and oil based stains, and also impedes mildew formation and growth.

Over time the original factory treatment to the fabric is diminished which means that periodic cleaning with 303 Fabric and Vinyl Cleaner and then and re-treating with 303 High Tech Fabric Guard.

It is best to Clean and Retreat BEFORE your outdoor cover / material is heavily soiled and stained. If your Outdoor Cover or Fabric is heavily soiled or stained it requires harsher cleaning chemicals and methods which can dimish the lifespan of the fabric.

Following a quick and easy maintenance program with your outdoor covers and fabrics can go a long way to adding extended lifespan to your covers.

303 Multi Surface cleaner can be used as a Fabric and Vinyl Cleaner is Non-toxic, biodegradable and rinses residue free.

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