Neoprene Seat Covers for Landcruiser 200 Series GXL GX Wagon Custom Fit

Current Lead Time 2 to 4 Weeks

Neoprene Seat Covers for Landcrsuier 200 Series (GX / GXL)

australian made neoprene seat covers


The Wet Seat Deluxe Neoprene is a Great Choice for the Landcruiser 200 series its a fabric that suited to many uses it looks great in the vehicle, has a range of colour choices and not only does deluxe neoprene look and feel good but its practical. The material is water resistant, abrasion resistant and chemical resistant which means its suitable for family vehicles and work vehicles. These seat covers are made to order for your vehicle, and made in Australia, the quality is OEM quality neoprene


For the Front bucket seats you can optionally choose Fully Tailored Fit or Universal Fit, the Tailored fit provides the most seat coverage, the universal fit photo shows how the cover is open on the sides. You can optionally choose to get your second or third row made and also the armrest cover

Neoprene Seat Covers Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series (GX / GXL) | Deluxe Neoprene

New premium wet seat neoprene

Additional Information

Brand The Wet Seat Deluxe Neoprene - Made in Australia Great Quality
* Superior Quality Neoprene Seat Covers | OEM Brand Quality
* Four Colours to match your vehicle interior with Multiple Stitching Options
* Secures with Velcro Straps (not fabric ties)
* Water Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, Chemical Resistant
* 1 Year Warranty
Material Deluxe Neoprene (The Wet Seat)
Shipping See Description for Estimated Shipping time
New premium wet seat neoprene

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Due to continuing COVID-19 supply chain disruption, there is a current shortage of neoprene material for Wetseat covers. New supply supply is on its way but the revised lead time until dispatch for all orders placed at this time is now 10-12 weeks. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your extended patience.
Front Seats with Integrated Airbags have fabric opening on the sides - Please see photos for the coverage on the sides with Airbag Openings for Integrated Airbag seat models
Universal or Tailored Fit
Manufacturing Time 2-4 weeks
New Premium Deluxe Neoprene with Honeycomb Waffle Weave Centre Panel


  • Manufacturer : Toyota
  • Model : Landcruiser
  • Series : 200 Series (GX / GXL)
  • Date : 10/2007 to Current
  • Fabric Style : Deluxe High Quality Neoprene
  • Secured with Clips and / or Velcro (No Fabric Ties)
  • Colours : Black Neoprene with Charcoal Stitching
  • Normally in-stock ready for quick dispatch
  • Airbag Compatible Front Seat Covers - With side airbag opening in the seats
  • New Design Waffle Weave Material
  • Honeycombe waffle through the middle panels of the covers, providing users with improved breathability and comfort
  • Only available as a full set including Front Seats, Second Row Seats and Console Cover
  • 1 Year Warranty

Deluxe Neoprene is perfect for the Vehicle Owner who is looking for a contemporary look, great for work and the beach

This Neoprene is branded as the Wet Seat which is because its perfect for the beach use but it also looks great, its strong, durable, comfortable and has great colour choices to match your Landcruiser 200 series interior

You can optionally choose a Universal for the Front Bucket Seats but this does not wrap fully around the seat, please refer to the photos, also there are less colour options when choosing universal fit. The fabric and stitch colour you choose will be the same for all rows of seat covers ordered

Note when there is a special value Bundle Pack of seat covers for $550 these have not been manufactured in Australia

The Wet Seat Neoprene Seat Covers FAQ

Why are these seat covers called Deluxe Seat Covers?

The reason why we call this range our Deluxe range is because of the excellent quality of the Neoprene, the manufacturing quality and because the securing method is either velcro or buckles, not by fabric ties.

Whats the difference between the Universal and the Custom Fit?

Universal Fit Seat Covers are designed to accomodate many vehicles, they do not provide the exact same contoured fit as the Custom Made Seat Covers but the quality of the seat covers is the same.

How do I know if the Universal Fit will suit my vehicle?

If you can see your vehicle is matched to a Universal Fit Wet Seat its means that the product has been matched to the vehicles seats and will provide an adequate fit that the manufacturer states is acceptable.  If the Universal Fit Seat Cover is not matched to your vehicle it means that it will not be suiatble for your vehicles seats.  Note that Universal Seat Covers can only be installed to vehicles with removeable headrests.

Universal Fit are a lower price than custom fit, what is the best to choose for my vehicle?

If you have located your exact vehicle model in our listings online and we have presented a Universal Wet Seat Neoprene Cover then the fitment has been advised by the manufacturer is good for your vehicle. 

I have side airbags and my vehicle manufacturer has told me not to install seat covers as they will affect the airbag deployment?

The Wet Seat's universal design allows for an open panel that lines up with the air bag seam on your cars original seat. This allows for the airbag to deploy un-hindered.  All tailor made seat covers are made with the correct airbag opening features.  

I also want Neoprene seat covers for the Rear Seats in my car do you have them?

Yes, but unlike the universal fit available for the front seats of some vehicles the Rear seats must always be custom made for the specific seats.

Are these seat covers available straight away?

No, all of the seat covers are made to order even the Universal fit as you are able to choose the material colour and stitching colour of your choice.

How long do they take to make?

Most Universal Fit Seat Covers can be dispatched within 48 hours but if you are also ordering rear custom made seat covers the entire order will ship together.

If you have also ordered tailor made Headrest covers to go with your Universal seat covers then manufacturing time is 2-3 weeks.

For all Tailor Made Seat Covers for front, rear with or without headrests the manufacturing time is 3-4 weeks.

During some seasonal busy periods this time can be extended.  If you order during a busy period and the manufacturing lead time is going to be longer than four weeks we will contact you to let you know.  You will be able to cancel your order if you prefer not to wait.

I have been quoted a much higher price by my vehicle dealer than your prices, are these seat covers inferior quality?

Absolutely not, these are the finest quality Neoprene seat covers available in Australia, in fact many dealerships offer this specific seat cover to thier customers.

If I change my mind about them can I send them back?

Sorry, but all made to order items cannot be returned as they are a special order item.  If you change your mind about your order you need to contact us very quickly to see if we can stop production before they are cut out and ready to sew.  Please order carefully and please contact us if you have any questions

My vehicle does not have the standard seats in it I changed them to a different seat style will these still fit?

No, please do not order if you have different seats, contact us with a photo so we can check if there is a pattern available.

The date of my vehicle or the series of my vehicle is not the same as you have listed will these seat covers fit?

No, the manufacturer, model, series, month and year must all match up to your vehicle exactly. 

I cannot find my vehicle listed are you still able to supply seat covers for my vehicle.

New patterns are added every week, if you have new vehicle that is not listed on our website then a pattern can be created as the seats can be measured for a new pattern.  If your model is not a current model we cannot offer the Wet Seat Deluxe range but may be able to offer our premium range made to order seat covers.

 Please follow the instructions below for the Care of your Wet Seat

  • For light marks and surface dirt a damp cloth or a wipe is perfect.
  • For heavier marks and stains machine wash your Wet Seat, set to cold wash, gentle cycle using standard washing powder. Dust off the covers first before putting them into a machine wash.
  • For salt water, sand or mud also try to hose down your Wet Seat, cloth line dry in 1 hour (Ambient temp 20 degrees Celsius).

Fitting Instructions for the Universal Fit Deluxe Neoprene Seat Covers

Please read these instructions carefully before installation

Neoprene Wet Seat Fitting Instructions

a copy of these instructions will also be sent after placing an order with your order confirmation email deluxe-neoprene-instructions-care.pdf

Please view our Standard Coverworld Terms before ordering.

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There is a lot of information on our Terms page, please read them and feel free to ask any questions, we have friendly sales staff ready to take your call or send us an email

Please view our Standard Warranty details before ordering.

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In addition to the Standard Warranty the Wet Seat has additional warranty details as below:

All of our covers come with a 12 month warranty. Pictures may be requested for all claims, covers damaged from pets or misuse (eg damage caused by loading of equipment) will not be covered.)

  • Premium Deluxe Wet Seat for Landcruiser 200 Series GXL / GX wagon - Black with Charcoal Stitching - Front and 2nd Row and Centre Console Cover Pack
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